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Jackie and Michelle


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

"Porcelain" Flowers!!!

I finally got a Melting Pot!!!  Why did I not have one of these before?  This is the coolest thing I have seen and used in a long time!  Michael's had a 50% off coupon, I only paid $20 for the pot!  I just have the one color of enamel so far.  I didn't get the zpatula and the tweezers yet, but will.  I used a bamboo skewer and a pair of regular tweezers for now, and they worked ok.  I started to play with it just last night...I have seen a multitude of videos and tutorials on making flowers, so I decided to give it a go.

 Here is a couple views of my experiment.  Please excuse the cruddy camera...I really need to get a better one, but this gives you the gist of the results.

I used a variety of punches and my Sizzix rolled flower die to make the little roses.  I think they all turned out super cool.  I can't wait to really do some more experimentation with different colors of enamel.  Now I just want to dip everything in the stuff!

Thanks for looking and stay crafty, my friends!


Jean said...

I just got a melting pot yesterday and I love it already. :) I left a blog award for you on my blog.

Coachfans said...

Wow! These are really cool flowers. I am not sure what a melting pot is but maybe it is somehitng I need to look into...I am curious.

I found you on Jean's site, and I am glad I did. Please stop by and visit when you can.


Audrey Frelx said...

Love the melting pot!!! I have a couple of them and have had them for several years! Used to use them all the time then stopped, now I'm getting back into using them again -- aren't they just fun!!!

Kadrisc said...

Wow those are beautiful!!I just found you, and would love to hsve you check out my blog thanks,Karen