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Jackie and Michelle


Saturday, September 24, 2016

My Mini Desk Caddy Project

 I Got a little bored one day and I decided to make a project.  I decided to do a little recycling and some stash busting and create a mini desk caddy to organize things while I am doing a project.  I also decided to show you all how I did it.  I had these Crystal light boxes and the leftover papers and stickers from a class I took at a Creating Keepsakes Convention by Farm House, and thought that this would work great.
 I first glued the boxes together and then used Washi to cover the edges.
 I cut the papers so that all of the corners would be covered.  I measured and then added extra for tabs to wrap around the boxes.  This added more structure and support to the boxes.

 I also made a chipboard base to put on the bottom of the box.

 Then I decorate with the leftover stickers and chipboard die cuts that I had.  
 It turned out super cute, and as you can see, it holds a lot of big and heavy stuff!
 Very cool, huh?
 It just took me a little time, but was fun and easy.  I am going to use it during projects.  I tend to have a mess on my desk when I am actively working on a project, this will help contain the mess a little more!

Stay crafty, and organized, my friends!

Saturday, September 17, 2016

I fixed my Duck Jammies!

 I love my Duck jammies.  How could you not, right?!?!  But, this Gramma has kind of sort of altered her size, and the jammies were just a little too tight.  I personally think that the jammies shrunk, not that I got bigger in any way.  HAHAHA!  Anyway, I found a post on Pinterest that showed how to increase the size of a t-shirt.  The post was on CrafterHours and I decided to try it.
So here is the result, and I love it!  I can now wear my Duck shirt and it is so comfy!  I used another t-shirt that I found on clearance at the craft store, the color was perfect.

That's it for today...stay crafty, my friends!

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Cards for the Grandkids

 I just wanted to share the cards I have recently made for my grandkids.  All three girls had their birthdays, and turned two years old!  I made princess cards (for my "Princess Posse").  They are all files I bought from Silhouette.  I love that machine!!!  Casey loves Minnie Mouse, so I tried to incorporate her into the card.  It is a variation of a box card, and the castle is 3D!
 Folded up, it looks like this.
 On the back I put a large picture of Minnie.  I think it turned out great!
 The twins are also turning two years old, and I wanted to make them another castle card, but theirs is different.  I made the pencil card for their brother.  They all live in Colorado, and when I send one a present, they all get presents, so since he had just started first grade I made this pencil card for him.
 These are also Silhouette files.
Thanks for looking, and have a wonderful day, and don't forget to stay crafty!

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Fairy Jar Lanterns

My daughter sent me a link to a video, which you can see here, by Nifty.  My twin granddaughters are in their new bedroom, which is a fairy themed room, and Grandma is making these Fairy Jars for them.
 Here is a picture of my set up started.  I sent this to my daughter, so she could see that the project is finished.  I found the jars at Target for $3 each.  I painted the lids silver, and used white paint inside the jars.  I had some Silhouette fairy files, so I used them, grass and butterflies for the project.
 After I adhered the die cuts inside the jars I had to test them out.  I used a larger battery operated candle inside the jar.
 Here are different views of the jar...
 ...One of the fairies had mushrooms, so I used them too!
 I wantend to add some flowers to the project, so I decorated the lid.
 Here are the finished jars.
 I used a coat hanger for the handle.  The flowers are from Recollections.  The brads are, I think, Basic Grey.  The white floral embellishments are from Jolee's.
 I don't know where I got the leaves, sorry about that.  The silver glitter Washi tape is by Heidi Swap.
 I painted a wooden base to set the jar on, and thought that it needed decoration with the flowers.  I think it turned out very pretty!
 Here is an inside shot of what it looks like.  I added moss inside, which filled out the bottom and made it look very cool when I put the candle back in it.
I hope you enjoyed looking at this project.  It was super fun to make.  Now I just have to figure out how to get it to the girls through the mail without destroying them!  Wish me luck!!!

Stay crafty, my friends!!