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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Recipe Books

Hi all!  I just wanted to share with you the recipe books I made from a kit I bought from the Creating Keepsakes convention.  It is super cute, and was super easy to put together.  I know what you are thinking, I have enough recipe books.  But really, this girl can not have too many!!
 There are 4 dividers.
 Each section has three recipe card holders.  They were originally 3 sections tall.  You were instructed to cut off one section to make it fit into the album.  I'll show you what I did with those at the end of the post.
 Love it!
 My favorite section of any recipe book!
 I had leftover papers, so I decided to make a mini recipe book.  I had 12 of the dividers that I cut off, so I just put them into a mini book.
I could theme this, or fill it with my favorite recipes and give it to a friend or relative.  It's simple but very cute.  It could hold 24 recipes, or even 12 recipes with photos of the food item!

Stay crafty, my friends!!!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

January Planner Pages

I know, I'm late.  I am trying really hard to get these posts out on time, but I get busy with other posts, and then I forget to post them, and they get late.  SORRY!  :)  I hope you enjoy these pages.
I am having a hard time this month with coming up with ways to decorate my planner.  This one focused on Teresa Collins stickers.
 On this layout, I used the stickers, and made my own check box stickers that I colored with my Copic markers.  It turned out ok.  I have also been trying some new layouts for my notes side of the page.
 This week, I had no clue what to do.  Ugh.  I'm in a planner rut.
 I was started to get sick at the end of this week.  I had tried another layout for the notes side, and quickly decided that I didn't like it.
On this page I found some printables off of the website GPP Street Team.  I didn't use the page so much, because I ended up in the hospital.  Ugh.  I am doing OK.  I'm home and healing.  Maybe part of my planner funk was that I was getting sick and not knowing it yet.  Hopefully February will be a lot more fun.

Stay crafty, my friends!

Saturday, February 21, 2015

A Pretty Little Banner

I saw a printable on Pinterest, From Everyday is a Holiday, that was so cute…these little vintage style food boxes.  They had used them to make a banner, and I decided to do the same.  This is what I came up with.  I bought the burlap pennants from Craft Warehouse.  They were precut, the edges were hemmed and the jute cord already there.  I added all of the embellishments from my stash.  I used gems and buttons, doilies and flowers, mini kitchen utensils and cute little metal embellishments.  It's hanging in my craft room and I love how it turned out.  I'll put close up pictures of the pieces below.  There were two more boxes in the printout that I didn't use, because I only had 8 pennant pieces.  I'll figure out something to do with them!

Stay Crafty, My Friends!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Five New Organizers for my Craft Room!

Graphic 45 is having a February Challenge!  I got the email and knew that I had to do it.  I needed to do something with this side of my shelves, and this is a perfect opportunity to get my creative juices flowing to make a much needed and useful project.  You can use any Graphic 45 product.  I used the Communique Collection.  This is my entry into the contest.

At the end of the post I have the other organization projects that I am entering into the contest as well.  Please check them out too!

 This is what the end of my shelves looked like.  I had some Command hooks and bins that I was using to help organize my camera, and some cords and such.  It needed to be prettier.

 I had a large piece of heavy cardboard that I had stashed in my closet.  You never know when you are going to need a large piece of cardboard!  I covered it with some kraft mailing paper.
 Then, I took a file that I got from Office Depot.  It has eyelets on the top for hanging, and posts on the bottom for hanging another file if you wanted.
 I cut that piece off so I could use it to hang cords.
 I cut it in half, covered it in papers, and used them on the sides of the file to hang my cords from.
 I made mini clipboards for decorative purposes.  Even though this project is supposed to be for organizing and storage, it has to be pretty too, right?  The clips for the boards are by Tim Holtz.
 I constructed the boxes from chipboard, card stock, and then layered patterned papers on them.  Here is my layout, trying to see what it would look like.
 Here is a view of the side pieces for hanging cords. I attached this with score tape, and the holes will be used for hanging, which will add more support.
 I used Graphic 45 drawer pulls, and attached the boxes I made using Graphic 45 large metal buttons and score tape.
 I made a mini photo album with black card stock and a cut out from the paper collection.
 This is the finished product, all decorated and hanging with Command Hooks. It works perfect!
 The butterfly and button are by Graphic 45.  The bling is by Want to scrap and the flowers are by Petaloo and Recollections.  Do you see the label in the drawer pull?  I used the packaging and cut them to fit.

 I wound my iPhone cord with a binder clip and hung them on the hook.  Do you see the keys in the lower right corner, under the file?  I hung them for decoration, I thought it looked very cool.
 This is the middle section.  The photo album I made and a cutout picture from the collection are here.  I fussy cut some items from the paper collection and adhered them to the blank space for decoration.  There are more flowers and more bling (this time from Recollections) on the box.
The bottom section with another clipboard and more decoration.

So there it is.  I LOVE IT!  It works awesome and looks cool, and organized my cords and stuff like I had hoped it would.  

Project #2 is a cute way to update and prettify a Sterilite drawer organizer.  I have seen this on Pinterest and I had to do it.  I used to store my planner supplies in it, but decided to go with a Closetmaid cubical with fabric drawers for that.  So, I decided to make this into my pen/marker organizer.
 I used Graphic 45's Sweet Sentiments papers for this project.  It is super simple and made it look sooooo much nicer!  I measured and cut out the papers, then ran them through my Xyron sticker maker.  If you do this, put the adhesive on the side you want to show!!  Then, from inside the drawer, I placed the stickered paper strips.  Viola'!  I have a pretty pen organizer at the end of my paper crafting desk.
I did the sides and the front, but didn't do the back.  I had made the doily  years ago, and decided it would be perfect on the top of the organizer.  I think it looks beautiful!
This is the mess of pens and markers that are how beautifully hidden behind the beautiful Graphic 45 papers.

Project #3 used all of the scraps of papers I had at the end of my pen organizer, a rotating organizer that I had and wasn't using, and some empty Crystal Light containers.
 I covered the containers with white paper and then used the scraps to wrap around them.  I used a Martha Stewart punch to create butterfly borders, which I was thinking was fitting for this paper line!
This organizer sits at my computer desk and holds my pens that I use in my planner.  Very pretty!

Project #4 is this handy dandy origami bowl that I found, also through Pinterest.  You can find the link to the Origami Triangle Box here.  I love this idea!!
The pattern shows a three sided bowl, with written instructions if you wanted to create the four sided bowl.  I made a four sided bowl using four 12x12" papers.  Then I decorated it with some of the Sweet Sentiments papers.
 This is the cool thing…it folds up for storage when not using it!  Since I adhered patterned paper on the bottom it won't come apart.  I used 12x12" papers for the box, which gave me a bowl with a bottom measuring 8 1/2" square.
 It's plenty big to hold embellishments for my craft projects I'm working on.

OK, now the last, but not least, organization project.  Project #5 is this revolving storage that I transformed into a cute desk organizer!
 Yes, this idea also came from Pinterest.  I didn't see one decorated, only a post that these were on sale at Harbor Freight for $19.99.  I knew I needed one and knew what to do with it.
 But first I had to figure out how to build it.
 Level one done.  I used large brads instead of the screws that came with the kit because they are much prettier.  I covered the bottoms of the trays, and the dividers.
  The posts also got covered.
 The bottoms of the trays ended up looking like this…not too pretty.
 I covered up the bottoms with black card stock.
 Then I punched holes for the posts using my large knitting needle.
 This is the finished product!  I made some "lace" ribbon out of the papers and adhered them to the outside of the trays.  I think it turned out awesome!
 It sits by my computer desk, above the organizer I made at the beginning of this post.  I am going to use it for desk supplies, like my stapler, tape holder, pencil sharpener, etc.  I may even decorate them to match!

Thanks so much for looking at this whole post, I know it was long!  Wish me luck, it would be fun to win this contest!

Stay crafty and organized, my friends!