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Monday, February 28, 2011

The Counterfeit Kit Challenge Blog Hop!!!

Welcome to my first ever blog hop!  Thank you to the wonderful ladies at Counterfeit Kit Challenge!  Meridy and Betheny, I am having too much fun with this!  Joining this challenge has really got my creative mojo going!

I did kind a "two for one" for this blog hop using this sketch from Scraps of Darkness.

I used the sketch above to also do the challenge of "Putting Pen to Paper" from the Counterfeit Kit Challenge.  I found the journaling really hard to do, since I usually stick to the "facts" when journaling.  But, when I saw the sketch, immediately I knew what to do.

Everything was from my kit, except the journaling paper (which was from Creative Imaginations like the stickers I put in my kit), and the "family runs deeper" sticker (same company).  I edge punched the papers with a Martha Stewart punch, punched the butterflies with an EK Success punch, and the flourish inside the butterfly is a Fiskars punch that I colored with a glitter pen.

Thanks for stopping by, and please hop on over to our next stop to see what Kylie has come up with!!  If you need to start at the beginning...start here at Counterfeit Kit Challenge!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Quad Pocket Card with Doily Flower Tutorial

As promised, here is the tutorial from one of the cards I posted yesterday!  Thank you all for your kind comments about them, I really appreciate it!  

I made this card using my February kit from the Counterfeit Kit Challenge blog.  My inspiration came from a mini album that I made using the same techniques found here, and from the matchbox gift boxes that people are making.  ( I have wanted to make one but I haven't yet!)

Here is how I made it...

You need four coin envelopes, measuring 2 1/2"x4 1/2" (Not including the flap!)

Cut the envelopes to 3 1/2" long to make a pocket.  Do this to four of them.

Ink the edges, and place them on a 6x6" piece of cardstock in the manner shown. This will make four pockets, each coming out of a different corner of the card.

I covered the top with the paper I wanted, and punched finger holes with a 1" punch.

I cut pieces of paper, 2"x 2 7/16" (just under 2 1/2"), and slid them into the pockets and glued them in place.  Ink the finger holes and the newly placed papers.

I cut four tags in the measurement shown, punched holes and tied ribbon to them.  I thought that the tags could have messages on them, and they are the perfect size to fit a gift card on.

This is what it looks like with the tags pulled out.  Now for the doily flower.

I used three doilies, they are about 3 1/2-4" in diameter.  I sprayed them with Glimmer Mist.  I cut the inner circle out of two of them.  Keep these circles.

I put lots of adhesive in the whole doily...

And started to stick and pleat the doily pieces around...

Gradually filling in the space and using both of the cut pieces.  Then I punched scallops from the leftover circles and crumpled them.

I layered the scallops in the center and added one of my homemade pebbles and some rhinstones to the center.

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial and I look forward to seeing your versions of my card.

Stay Crafty!!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Counterfeit Kit Paper Piecing Challenge, with a Tutorial Sneak Peek!


I am loving the Counterfeit Kit Challenge!  They have a paper piecing challenge going on right now, using our February kits, and I decided to make some cards for it.  I have a bunch of birthday's coming up and this was the perfect way to do the challenge and to use my kit!

 The first one is layered cardstock with different border punches by Martha Stewart...punched butterfies from flocked paper added more dimension.  Here is the inside...

Then there is this one...

The scalloped paper with holes in it was very white...I sprayed it with Glimmer Mist.  The flourishes are a Tim Holtz Sizzix die, then I colored over them with a glitter pen.  The butterflies are pieced with a McGill punch, and they have rhinestone bodies.  The flower is from the flocked paper, with my pebble center.  I stamped the sentiment and layered it with foam tape.

The inside...

Then this one...

I wanted balloons...so layered hearts served the purpose, and I edged them with the glitter pen.  I hand cut the "strings" and a bow finished these off.

The inside...

And, this one...

I used the same layering technique, but layered squares instead.  The center is two squares, one offset so that it created the cool shape, I used a bit of foam tape to make it pop, and another of my pebbles.

Inside this card I added a punched butterfly with the flocked paper and some rhinestones.

This one is not related to the paper piecing challenge...but I think it turned out gorgeous, it uses my February Counterfeit Challenge kit, and I am going to do a huge tutorial on how to make it tomorrow...

This card has four tags and the doilies from my kit that I glimmer misted and shaped into a flower.  I will post that tutorial tomorrow.  This turned out very cute!  My inspiration was the matchbook boxes that people are making, and a mini album I made last October...stay tuned!

I altered brochure envelopes for these cards, as they are all 6x6".  You can find my tutorial here on how to alter the envelopes.

Stay Crafty, My Friends!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Kleenex Pocket Pack Box Template

Ok, here it is!  I hope this works for you.  Continuing from yesterdays post, this is the template for the cute box that will hold the tiny pocket packs of Kleenex.  What I am hoping is that you can click on the above template and print is out in 8 1/2x11" size.  The length at the longest side of the box should be 7 3/4".   You will score all the fold lines and snip the short line to make the flaps right above where I place the arrow. Those 4 flaps are just about a inch long.    You only need to place a strip of adhesive on the inside bottom portion of the flap that you see in the above picture.  Please let me know if this works for you. I can post more pics if you get lost.  Have fun! 

Monday, February 21, 2011

Kleenex Pocket Pack Boxes

I can't stop making these!
 Aren't they cute!  I few months ago I went to Kleenex.com and took  advantage of there free mini box of tissue, go to the promotions section of their site, it is still going on!  When I received it I just loved how cute and small the box was, approx. 4 1/2x2 1/2". It held one of those purse size packs like the one shown below. I decided I wanted to make that little box even cuter and traced the pattern on Basic Grey paper Urban Prairie and I LOVE IT!  
 What a cute gift this would make!!!  I scanned the pattern and will figure out the dimensions and post them if anyone would like to give this a try!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Triple Fold Never Ending Envelope Album Variation

I was playing with ideas, and came up with a variation to the albums I made like these...
 I have a link to this post here.
The link to this post is here.  And I came up with this!

24 pages...12 pockets for 12 tags... SWEET!
First page opened...
And the other side opened...
The mid section opened...
The other side of the album, mid section...
And the other flaps in the middle of this section opened...
The tags I made, 4 of each, butterflies, birds in a birdhouse (Yes, I need to put a "roof" on the birdhouse to make it look right!), and layered flowers.

I used K and Company papers and chipboard stickers, and Bazzill cardstock.  I used an assortment of punches, and the envelopes are from Recollections...gold colored that fit beautifully with the papers.

Here's how to do it...
For tutorial purposes, I used greeting card papers in different colors so that it is easier to see.  For the project, if you want pockets, use envelopes.  I used business sized for the "Sing Like No One's Listening" book.  For the Halloween themed and the Immortal love books I used brochure sized envelopes.  You can use any size you want, as long as they are all the same size.  Sooooo...use 6 of them. If using envelopes, seal them, and cut the top edge off...I did mine at about 1/8", just a sliver needs to be removed to create the pockets. Then score in half, with the pockets on top.

Take three of them, and add additional scores 1/2" from the middle score line, then fold as shown.  These are the hinges of your book, and the secret to the making of this book.

 Add glue to the first hinge piece where the black line shows...use liquid glue, and DON'T USE TOO MUCH!  You only need a little.
 Take your first two "pages", stand them up as shown, and glue the hinge piece to them.
It should open like this.  You do not want glue inbetween the dark green and light pink page, only between the hinge piece and the "outside" of the other pages.  This is where you can stop if you just want the versions like I did with the Halloween and the Immortal Love mini albums.  I also stopped here when I did the Valentine's book that I taught at the retreat.  It will give you, if you use envelopes, 12 pages and 6 pockets for tags.

If you want to continue on and make a bigger book...
 Add the third page (the blue one) by the light pink page, and in the same manner attach the second hinge, which is the medium green one.
Take the last hinge, and on the other side (the left side, the gray paper) of the book, attach it to the light pink (or middle) page in exactly the same manner.
 Fold it all up.  The hinge papers (or envelopes) fold into the book.  Here is a view with the first page opened.
 The first middle part opened...
 Back page opened...
 Other side of the book opened...
This shows the last hinge piece that you added opened.

If you used envelopes, you now have 12 pockets to fill!  If you used plain cardstock, you have a canvas to put papers on, if you used double sided cardstock, add your pictures and embellish.  Decorate to your hearts content!! 

I tried really hard to make this tutorial easy by using the colored greeting cards to show placement.  I suggest making a mock up to get the hang of how this goes together.  So grab your spare greeting card blanks, have fun, and STAY CRAFTY!