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Jackie and Michelle


Monday, April 29, 2019

My Portfolio Album is Finished!

Ladies and Gentlemen...I'd like to introduce you to my finished portfolio, "Diary of Events"!
 This album turned out amazing!  I made a full run-through video highlighting all of the fun interactive features in this album.  Please check out my video here!
In the moment section of the video I have links to all of the tutorials I did that show how to make this album, including the fun keyhole/ribbon closure.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope to see you in YouTube land!

Stay Crafty,

Monday, April 22, 2019

Lots and Lots of Videos!

I have had a busy, busy, BUSY day.  I am trying to get some projects done and videos made and I did it!
First up, my Short Chunky Mini album walk-through!  I made a video showing how this little lovely turned out.  You can find it here on my YouTube Channel.

Then, I have a video on another folio album I made, with a very neat page configuration and lots of
"page add-ons" as I am calling them.  I made it with the "Home Sweet Home" papers from Graphic 45, and it turned out lovely!

That video is here. 

Then, I made videos on how I made the "Home Sweet Home" Album...
They are listed here:

My Folio Base, Binding, and Keyhole/Ribbon Closure Tutorial
Folio Tutorial #2, Page Construction and Page Add-Ons A and B
Folio Tutorial #3, Page Add-Ons C and D
Folio Tutorial #4, Page Add-Ons C and D, Part 2

So, that's what I did today!  PHEW!

Happy Crafting!

Monday, April 15, 2019

Authentique's "Frontier" Short Chunky Mini Album Tutorial Series

Hey, Y'all!

Good morning, and welcome!  I just posted my first in a series of videos for making one of my Short Chunky Mini Album designs on YouTube...Y'all should come on over and see it!

The first video is on the cover, and on the inside cover's waterfall and pocket assembly.  Other videos will be on the pages themselves, and the final review.

Stop by and check it out!!!


Thanks a bunch, and have a great day.

Edited to add:  The second video is available to watch.  Click here and get TUTORIAL #2!

Monday, April 8, 2019

Short Chunky Mini Album with Tutorial

Good morning, everyone!  Today I am bringing you the "little sister" of my "Tall Skinny Mini" album that I did several years ago.  This album was been in the works for a long time, it was shelved for a while, but she is back and done and I can't wait to show you.

 She is 6" wide by 8 1/2" tall and has 5 page configurations.  I'll explain that in a minute.
 Her spine is 3" wide.  I used an OLD collection of a combination of Recollections "Memories Documented" and Simple Stories "Documented" for this book.  I have a bunch left over and I think I want to make another one!
The pages are made for a combination of 20 different ways to fold and/or cut (slightly) 8 1/2"x11" card stock.  I came up with the method when doing my Tall Skinny Mini album, and adapted it.

There is, however, a difference in that I combined 2-3 of the pages onto one "signature" or page configuration.  There are literally 100's of ways to combine these pages and create a truly one of a kind, interactive album.
 These are just some of the pages.  Yes, just SOME.  The pages flip and flap and have pockets and hidden spaces.
 There are clips not only holding tags on, but holding flips and flaps in place.
 I incorporated belly bands into the book.  There are mats to hold 4x6 pictures and 3x4 pictures.
I figured out how to attach different pages together to make one big interactive piece for each assembly.  
 This album just keeps going and going.  The paper collection was so pretty that I just wanted to keep using it.
I hope you like this.  If so, please check out the YouTube videos I published today.  

The picture below is the last page before the cover...but wait, there's more...
 Here it is, with a belly band holding tags...
This opens into a triple page.  I really love how it came out!

Here are some links for you:

As I said above,this is the little sister to my "Tall Skinny Mini" album that I made.  The videos for the "Tall Skinny Mini" can be found on my channel by following the link to my videos.  (Where you can also find the videos for my "Short Chunky Mini Album", three of them, just published today).

The tutorials on my blog for the Tall Skinny Mini album are here...

Have a wonderful and craft filled day!


Monday, April 1, 2019

Seasonal Craft Planning

I saw a post on Instagram by Magical Plans and I just had to recreate it for myself!  Quite frankly she has a lot of super awesome ideas, and you really should go check her ideas out!

She made a super cute seasonal crafting planner page, and I knew I needed to make one too.  She had two seasons per page, but I decided to make each season on one, that way I could use it for more than one year.

I think that they turned out super cute.  I can't wait to start adding ideas to the pages.

I'm not sure if I am actually going to write on the pages, or use sticky notes on them and then remove them when the project is done.

I used my Happy Planner sticker stash to decorate these pages.