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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Vintage Typewriter

 I bought this tutorial from Kathy at Paper Phenomenon!  I knew as soon as I saw this project that I had to make one.  It turned out sooooo awesome!!!  I absolutely LOVE THIS!!  Please check out her blog and her tutorials, they are really amazing.
 Here is the back.  I used a 7 Gypsies knob for the drawer.  I added spools for feet just because I wanted too.
Here is the drawer opened up.  I haven't made the goodies that go into this yet.
Then, to show off what it does..I made this sign for Halloween!  I used a variety of stuff from my stash to make it, and I think it turned out beautiful!  I am going to make a bunch of things, and use this to display them year round!!!

Thanks for looking, Thanks to Kathy, and Stay Crafty, My Friends!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

File Folder Album Tutorial

I made this file folder album for the Surprise the Pride Blog Hop, you can find the whole post here.
 It was super fun to make, using simple office supplies.  I love how it came together!  I was asked to do a tutorial for this project...so here it is.  I hope that it makes sense, please let me know if you have any questions!
 I used a single tab file folder, you could use any file folder you want.  They all have 1/4" scores, I scored mine so that the spine would be 3/4" wide.
 After I scored it, I covered the outside front and the outside back with my patterned paper.  I used a separate strip of patterned paper for covering the spine.
 I used a paper fastener for the attachment mechanism for the inner pages.  At this time, I centered it on the spine, marked it, cut slits in the spine so I could set the fastener, and added the ribbons, looped through the fastener and tied with simple knots.  I finished the inside later.  At this point the front and back outside covers are covered with patterned paper and the spine piece is in and covered with ribbons tied to it.
 This is the inside of my album.  I first covered the inside front cover with patterned paper.
 I used a large 6 1/2"x9 1/2" envelope.  I didn't show it in the picture, but I sealed it, sliced off a sliver of the top of it, and then covered the front of it in patterned paper.  Don't adhere it to the front inside cover yet!  I also punched a half circle finger pull.  In this pocket later I added a large tag.  The smaller envelopes create the accordion album. First, seal them all, and slice a sliver off of the left side of all of the envelopes.  I adhered 7 of the envelopes together. Don't put the front cover on the accordion piece yet.
 Then, I attached the accordion piece to the front of the large 6 1/2"x9 1/2" envelope.  Then I used a ribbon closure, wrapping it completely around the assembled accordion/6x9" envelope piece.
 That is the closure you see on the left side in the finished picture, tied with a bow.  Then cover the front of the accordion with patterned paper. Now, finally, attach the whole piece to the inside front cover.
 Here is the inner page construction in my finished piece.
 It is constructed with two of the 6 1/2"x9 1/2" envelopes and patterned paper.  First, I used a strip of patterned paper to cover the inside spine of my file folder.  Then I sealed the envelopes, and sliced off a sliver of the tops, and used these as pockets for large tags that I made later.
 After the envelopes were covered front and back with patterned paper, I cut another piece of paper that is 1" taller than the envelopes, and 7" wide.  This is the pocket piece you see in the middle of the page construction.  I scored the top and bottom at 1/2", then scored a 1/2" spine in the middle, leaving 3 1/4" on either side.  I used the 1/2" top and bottom for tabs to attach to the envelopes, and the 1/2" spine is what attaches the piece to the spine of the album.
 Make sure that the edges of the envelopes don't go past the edges of the scores on the pocket piece.  Adhere the tabs down, and put a small line of glue along the edge of the spine to close the pockets.  Then, if you look at the spine of the pocket piece, there are two red lines.  These represent the slits that you make to attach this page construction to the middle of the file folder spine, using the paper fastener that you already have attached.
 This is the finished inside back page of my file folder album.  I made a cascading envelope/pocket section.
 I did it with tabs placed through slits in the inner back page paper, BEFORE I adhered it to the album.
 Take your envelopes (I used 5) and seal, then slice a sliver off of one end of every envelope.  I made tags for these later.  I used strips of paper, the width of the envelope, and 1 1/2" wide, scoring at 3/4".  I adhered the tabs to the top of the envelopes.
 I cut the paper that is going to cover the inner back page of my album.  I measured 1/2" from the top, drawing a line, and 1/2" from the bottom.  Then I placed an envelope on the page, lining it up with the bottom 1/2" line, and drew a line at the top of the envelope.  I then measured out three more lines, centering them between the top 1/2" line, and the line we drew at the top of the envelope.  These top five lines are going to be slit, to put the tabs through, attaching the envelope/pockets to the page.
 This is what the tabs look like attached to the top of the envelopes. Now, I covered the envelopes front and back...but be aware of how you attach the paper if it has a pattern.  The back of the envelope will be flipping up, so if you are using paper with a direction make sure that you adhere it in the correct way!
 Tabs inserting through the slit from the front of the paper...
 ...pulled through to the back, and adhered down.  Done.

Just add the rest of the envelopes.  After I adhered all of the rest of the envelopes, I turned the piece over and added score tape everywhere, so that when I adhered the piece to the back inner cover of the file folder, it was well secured, especially on the slit sections of the paper.  Once adhered, it was virtually invisible where I cut the paper.

Well, that's it...I hope it made sense, and I hope that you make one.  If you do please let me know, I would love to see it!!!

Stay Crafty, My Friends!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A Picture "Frame"

Good Morning Everyone!!!

I have been a little out of it.  I am still working on the file folder tutorial.  I still have a couple of projects on my desk that I need to do and are giving me fits because I want them to be perfect.  So, I apologize for not posting them as I said I would...they are going to be here, soon!  Please stick with me, I promise I will get them done.  But in the meantime...I made this a little while ago, and thought I would share it with you.

I saw this paper by Basic Gray from their "Clippings" line, and I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it.  This is one of my favorite pictures of me and my husband, DJ.  I wanted to create a page that I could hang up in my room, and I thought this would be perfect.
I love all of the funky "layers" in this 12x12" page.  But, as always, I had to add more.  I used some tape by Industrial Chic and my Tim Holtz die and created the film strip pieces.  I added the butterfly I got at Michaels and the bling by Recollections as well.  I added a Tim Holtz mini paper clip to the picture that I cut to fit in the "Polariod" frame. I got out the old DYMO label maker to add the date to the picture.  I used some chipboard pieces from the paper line, layering them with foam tape. At the bottom of the page I added some Prima Flowers that I have been saving, and I think the colors fit perfectly with this page. The "ruler" is a piece I cut from a Bo Bunny paper.  The wooden camera is by Studio Calico.  It got colored black with a sharpie, and a rhinestone is placed where the lens would be.  I also added a few more staples to the bottom right of the page, to mimic the "staples" in the paper in the upper left of the page.

The "frame" is a recycled (or should I say repurposed?) box that my son's Graduation Picture Portfolio came in.  I took the bottom of the box, cut the corners, then folded the sides in the other direction, so that I could fit it inside the lid of the box, effectively lining it with the black color of the box.  I adhered it all together with score tape.  To hang it, I just place eyelets and threaded a black ribbon through the top of my "frame".

I think this is fun and eclectic.  I love all of the different elements that I was able to use in it.  I literally just started adding things, not really thinking about it, just going with my gut feelings about what needed to be added.  When I started to stare at the page, without adding things...I knew I was done. Does anyone else do that too?

What do you think?

Stay Crafty, My Friends!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

A different take on the Pull Out Page Mini Album

Hi Everyone!!!

I hope you all are doing well!  I want to say thank you to all of you who pounced on over and saw the wonderful creations my Den Siblings did. We really appreciate it!!!   I have had a few requests to do a tutorial on my latest file folder album I did for The Pride's Surprise Swap.   I am going to get the tutorial done as soon as I can.  

I have a couple of other things brewing on my work table.  For now, I thought I would show you this little variation on my Pull Out Page Mini Album that I came up with.
 A couple of days ago I posted this book, and how I made the pages.  After I did that I had another idea for how to construct the pages, and so I am posting that idea today. I used some leftover papers I had from a tag project I made for the Just a Few Friends Swap, and some other goodies and made a mini packed with tags and space for photos.
 I made the first piece just as I showed in the tutorial here.
 I then cut the second envelope on the left side, just like before, but I made the card to come out of the top of the envelope.  I cut the slit for the card on the top, after measuring it like before.
 I put the card into the left side, then slipped it up through the top...
 ...like this.
 I made a binding piece, just one because I was only planning on doing one page for this mini.  You can bind them however you wish.
 Then I stacked the envelope pages with the side pull out on top, and the top pull out on the bottom, then I added the binding piece between the envelopes before I adhered them all the way together.
 I took another envelope and sealed it, then opened the top and bottom.  Then scored it and folded it down the middle.  This folded over the bottom of the assembled pages...making a pocket on each side.  And, of course, I didn't get a picture of that...Sorry.  In the next pages you will be able to see it.
 So then I made a card stock cover, and went to town with tags and stickers and patterned papers.  I used Carta Bella's Beautiful Moments. I also used Recollections flowers and bling, and the butterflies are by Momenta.
 This is a mini with only the covers and ONE page assembly.
 I used some papers and made a pocket on the front inside cover and the back inside cover.  In this picture on the right, you can see the pocket created with the folded envelope I didn't get the picture of!
 Here are the tags.  I used a card (from the envelope set) to make a big tag, then some of the papers and the cut out journaling cards from the paper set.  The big red tag is card stock, cut at 4 1/2 x 6 1/2" and left plain for placing a photo.
 Here are the pull outs on the front of this page...
 ...and the back of the page.  Here is also the other side of that envelope pocket I created with that folded envelope.  Also, here is the back page.  I made this pocket with a journaling tag from the set.
 These are the tags I made for this side of the mini.
 The card "tags" are cut at 4 1/2 x 6 1/2" and the border strips are adhered so that you can slip the pictures underneath them.
 I left the cards whole, so I could put 4 pictures on each one.
And the back of the card tags.

I hope you enjoyed this alternative to my Pull Out Mini Album!  Again, please let me know if you have any questions!!!

As always, Stay Crafty, My Friends!

Friday, August 10, 2012

"Surprise The Pride" Blog Hop

Hello, and Welcome to the August "Surprise The Pride" Blog Hop!  I am glad that you are able to pounce around our Dens and see what all of my Pride Sisters and Brother have in store for you! You should have reached me after seeing what RJ came up with, but incase you are out of order,  you should have started the whole hop with Kimi, and have come to me from Sherence's site, here.  

The theme of this month was "Surprise The Pride".  We all made whatever we wanted, no rules!
This is what I came up with for you, and for my PRIDE!

This was a fun project.  I had been thinking of another way to do a file folder album, with the Memory File idea in mind...and came up with this.  When I saw this paper (The French Country Stack)  by DCWV, I knew it was perfect for the project.
 I used a straight cut tab file folder for this project.  The flowers are mostly by Recollections.  The green ones I got in a grab bag, so I don't know where they came from.  The bling and tickets are also recollections.  The metal post is by Momenta.  I was trying to come up with a "signpost" type of look, did I do it?
 I also used three 6 1 /2" x 9 1/2" envelopes, and multiple greeting card envelopes (and the cards for the some of the tags).
 When you open the file, you get this page.  There is a huge tag in the large envelope on the left side.
 I created an accordion book for this side, closed with a ribbon.
 Inside each of these envelopes I put one of the cards, with punched paper edges.  A 4x6" photo will fit under the edges of this paper punched edge.
 These are two of the giant tags to fit in the larger envelopes.
 This is two of the larger envelopes attached to each other, then attached to the spine of the folder with a paper fastener.  Remember those?  I added paper pockets and more flowers.  The spray is by Recollections, but the added pink roses are by Shabby Chic.
 I busted out the Coluzzle and made mini file folders to put inside those pockets.
 This is the last page.  I created cascading pages with the envelopes, again using the cards for the tags.  I used paper hinges attached to the envelopes, then inserted through slits in the back page paper to attach this to the file folder...
 ...that way the paper looks whole, no interruptions in the papers design.
 I alternated the openings just because I thought it would be fun.
 Underneath the last envelope was more space, so I embellished a little there as well.
I sure hope you liked this project.  I think it turned out cute, and I used up some of my flower stash that I have been hoarding for quite some time!  Now pounce on over to Violet's site and see what she created for us!!!

Here is the line up for the blog hop, in case you need to start at the beginning or missed something!

Stay Crafty, My Friends!