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Jackie and Michelle


Friday, September 30, 2011

More Halloween Decoration Ideas

I thought I would share a few ideas with you.  I came up with some creative uses for some of my scrapbooking supplies.

This is a $1 Michael's birdcage I bought a while ago.  I filled it with a skeleton from a garland I bought at the dollar store.

This is another birdcage from Michaels.  I put some bats in here.  I made the bats from plastic rings that I got in a goodie bag at Michaels.  I cut off the rings, glued two bats together with some fishing line in the middle, and hung them from the top of the cage.

I thought our bathroom needed a little decorating.  This is the top of a cabinet we have.  I put the papers from the DCWC Immortal Love Stack behind the glass doors.  I used glitter pens to give the eyes a little extra shine.

This is our shower with the bloody handprint shower curtain. (You can see the cabinet reflecting in the mirror.)  Why did I show this you ask?  Well, we have sliding doors on our shower, but enough wall that we put up a curtain tension rod so that I could use the shower curtain.  Rather than spend extra money on the curtain rings, I used book rings!!!  You can get a bazillion of them for cheap at the office store, and they worked perfect!  (Just a side note, there is a clock in this picture...I made it with an old CD and a clock kit from the craft store.)

My kitchen also is going through some changes.  I had this old spice shelf and some jars.  I used some Tim Holtz papers to create labels for the jars.  At the thrift store I found this cool apothecary jar, that I filled with superball eyes I found at the Halloween store.  I filled the mayonnaise jar with glow in the dark spider web, and some spider rings (rings cut off just like the bats).  In the other jar, another skeleton.    Not pictured is another jar on the opposite side of my stove with mini skulls in it.  I am going to add some fabric toppers to the jars, I just haven't done that yet.  I am trying to decide which fabric to use.

Stay Scary, My Friends!!!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

It's Here!!!

This is the junk journal that Tracey made for me for the swap on Mini Album Scraps. I asked for a kitchen journal, and this is what she came up with...I LOVE IT!
 I have this line of papers, it is from DCWV and it is so cool!  I had also told her that I like retro and vintage things!  This couldn't have been more perfect.
 The books were supposed to have 4 sections.  There were also supposed to be pockets.  She included a pocket on each divider.
 She edge punched the tags!!!
 In each section she added some patterned papers, and these cute little envelopes!!!
 These index cards are awesome! She inked the edges and punched them.  She stamped all of the images.
 Look at the cute little tags in the envelope!
 She also added many bland pages to each section.  That is something I didn't do, just add white papers to the book, I am totally CASEing that idea!
 BBQ anyone?
 Beautiful doily page!
 Isn't this awesome.
 I can't wait to fill this up with my kitchen clippings.
 This is going to be COOL.
 She stamped throughout the book.
 She painted the chipboard letters as well!

 I am loving the Old Crow tag!

 So pretty, I really am blown away with this!

 This is FULL of pages for me to add to.
But wait, there's more!!!  She also sent me some goodies that I am going to use to DECORATE this with as I go!!!  How awesome and wonderful is this!!!

Thank you, Tracey!  I really love it!!!

Stay Crafty, My Friends!!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Bonus Junk Journal

I made this junk journal for a swap on MAS...she wanted it for her two boys.  I thought she needed a book just for her, so I made her another one.  I can't help it, they are addictive!
So, I came up with this one just for her...
 The cover is 7 Gypsies with some Echo Park journaling tags, Recollections bling and a wooden butterfly.
 I hung some charms and ribbons from the first book ring.
 Inside cover with library pocket from the Learning Palace and 7 gypsies tags and paper.  The paper was 6x6, I folded it over and...
 Glued it to make a vertical pocket for more tags.  I got the Theresa Collins month page, cut it up for pages.
 Tim Holtz tickets, 7 Gypsies pocket, and paper from an old vintage time keeper book.
 Post cards are here also.
 More vintage record book papers.  The blue is an envelope.
 Some scrapbook paper folded to make a pocket page.
 7 Gypsies ephemera and a sales order form I found at the thrift store.
 A mini file folder, and a giant tag that I folded up and glued to make a pocket for smash book journaling tags.
 7 Gypsies transparent tags.
 A large envelope that I cut the flap off, folded, and created two pockets with.  There are paper tags in them.
 More ledger papers.
 This pocket page was made out of a replica Sears catalog that I found in an antique store.
 I put more Smash Book Journaling tags in it.
 A black paper bag with tags...
 This paper I cut into a file folder shape.
 I put clips on it, and other pages as well.

I put a Tim Holtz glassine bag here, and used a doily folded up to make a pocket and put tags in it.

She loved it!! On Wednesday I am going to share with you the AWESOME book and goodies she  sent to me!!!