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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

October ARC Planner Pages

I just thought I would share with you all my October pages.  I tried to decorate them with a Halloween theme this month, because, well, I love Halloween.  This year is a bit more tame than previous years.  This move thing has really put a damper on any sort of free time fun that I may have enjoyed for Halloween in the past.  But, the house stuff is over now.  Until the very next day, then another "surprise" befell us.  Read on…I'll explain in a few pics.
For this page I had a lot going on, so I added this printable I found online to chart out all of the things I needed and wanted to do that day.  Then I just folded it up and stuck it in the planner.  It was out of the way, but I could still access the whole page when I needed to.  Don't you love how the ARC is so easily customized?  If you want to get this lovely bit of organizational heaven, you can find the printable here at The Creativity Exchange.
 On this one, I has made a list at work of things I needed to do and remember using my little notepad that I made to carry in my pocket at work.  I brought it home and stuck it in my planner.  I also had seen somewhere on the net, about using post its folded, with a little "tab" sticking out to write the topic of what was inside.  It hides what you wrote, leaves you a "title" of what is in there, but is folded so it doesn't take up a lot of room.  To apologize for not having the source.  I'll try to find it and edit the post with the information of who came up with this.  But it worked and it was excellent for what I wrote on the inside.  :)
 My eyeball tape page…I love this one because it was very colorful.  On this one I was playing with a section on the right side for my meal planning and blog planning needs.  I have a blog planner but it is big and cumbersome, so I am entertaining other ideas for this planning.  I am not sure what to do at this point.  Just testing things at this time.  

Do you see the drawing on Saturday?  A tree fell on my son's mobile home during a severe rain/wind storm.  It landed perfectly onto his bedroom, crushing the back end of the home.  He was in the kitchen, having just got home from work.  Had he been there, it would have crushed him.  HE IS OK, and that is all that matters!!!  He usually comes home from work and takes a nap, since he has to get up at 3 am.  He hadn't done it yet.  I am so thankful that my boy is OK!!!  So, now we are trying to clean up and get the insurance folks out to see it and help us out.  There was so much damage that they are calling it a catastrophe, and calling in other adjusters from other states…too many people have had this problem.  I haven't heard of injuries though, and that is GOOD!  

So, I will be late on my tutorial that I keep saying I am going to do, since we are busy helping him.  He is staying with us, since we moved we have ROOM now!  That is a blessing!!  The project I am doing is cut out and ready.  When I get a minute to breathe, I will get it done for you.  Thanks for being patient.
This is the current week.  I am trying another layout for blog planning.  I started working on this page last Sunday, so it is more full now.  I'm not digging the blog planner side, as you can see, it has room for one post, not two, and I wanted to do this one today.  Hummmmm…I will keep working on it. 

That's all I have today.  Have a great day.  Stay safe.  Have a Happy Halloween.  And…

Stay Crafty, My Friends!!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

EZ File Folder Mini Album

Hi all!!!  I have an awesome album to share with you today.  It is from a tutorial by Elsa of Just a Few Designs.  She has a great video tutorial on You Tube that you can see here.  

I made this using an old collection of Halloween papers.  Since we have been so busy working on the new house and selling the old house, I haven't been out to buy new stuff in ages.  This paper, by My Mind's Eye, is awesome though, and I love how it turned out.

This album is made with a manilla file folder and some chipboard.  It's very simple and easy to put together.  I did a video share and you can see it here.    The video goes over all of the flips and pockets. It's a great book, and I plan on making MORE!!!

Please check out Elsa's video and check out what I did with her tutorial and then MAKE ONE and share with us!!!

Stay crafty, my friends!!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Another Button Farm Book Share!

 I made this kit…I needed a project to do so that I could get my creative juices flowing.  It has been really hard with the move to get my mojo working again.  I am trying, but I think exhaustion is taking a toll on me.  I love Button Farm kits, and I have several…I thought that I would make one and maybe it would help.  I could be creative by doing one of these fantastic books!  It was so much fun to make!

I love the October Afternoon papers…right up my alley with the whole day planner/work theme.  I was thinking that I would make it into an internet site password keeper…but the pages are so full of awesome (but bulky) embellishments that I won't have enough room for extra pages…so I have to rethink this plan.

It sure turned out beautiful and I loved the complete and super easy to follow directions.  Button Farm knows how to put together a quality kit that is fun and easy to do.

Go check them out…The Button Farm has past kits from their kit club available, and you can enroll in a kit club if you wish.  There are so many awesome kits to choose from!

Stay crafty, my friends!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Button Farm Kit Share

 I bought this kit back in November of 2011.  I have had it half made for about 6 months.  I had to put it away because of the move, but I finally was able to get it finished and off of my "To Do" list.
 The box holds the mini album inside.  It is so pretty!
 I used some scraps from the kit and finished the inside of the box.
 The album is an accordion album, with two mini albums attached to the inside of two pages.  There is a lot of room for pictures in this project.
Check out The Button Farm's page for more kits to purchase.  I have several and I have NEVER been disappointed!  They are remarkable…tons of supplies, excellent instructions.  I will buy more in the future!

Stay Crafty, My Friends!

Saturday, October 11, 2014

A recipe holder for my new kitchen

I was wandering around the Craft Warehouse and I came upon this awesome photo easel that I immediately bought.  It is heavy duty and was on sale for $5.88!  I thought about how I needed a recipe holder for my kitchen, and bought it.  It comes in two pieces (which is awesome for storage when I'm not using it).  I decided it was a little plain, so I decorated it.  That way, if I do leave it out it is cute!
 I had this paper from Farmhouse and thought it would be perfect.  I added a mat and photo corners to add a little more interest.
 It doesn't take up too much room, but is large enough to hold a cook book if I wanted.  I think it looks cool, and it works great!
I love being able to create useful things for myself.  I may go back and buy a bunch more and make them for presents!  (SHHHHHH!!!  Don't tell anyone I said that!)

Stay crafty, my friends!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

A Wedding Card

I created this card for two dear friends who recently got married.  I used my new Silhouette Cameo to make it.  I purchased the card and the "Mr and Mrs".  I created an envelope using my WRMK envelope punch board. 

I used the negative piece from the dress to decorate the envelope on the inside of the card.  I made the envelope so that I could put a gift card in it.  

 On the outside of the envelope I punched a heart and added it to the flap for a little more decoration.
Here are the punches I used for this project.  I think the card turned out really beautiful.

Stay crafty, my friends.

Friday, October 3, 2014

A baby album for Trina

 One of my co-workers is expecting a baby in a couple of weeks, and I made this mini album for her.  I made a YouTube video and you can see it here.  I show all of the pages and explain the cool features that I designed for this project.
 I made this album using a box album that I bought a while ago at a Creative Keepsakes Convention.  I believe I got the box album in a "Boxer" booth.  The box had a 5 page accordion album inside.  The front closure of the album can actually have a photo put on it.  I show that in the video.  Inside the lid I wanted another opportunity for photos, so I created a photo book that is adhered to the inside of the lid.
The accordion album has 10 pages total, 9 of which have a photo mat for pictures.  The video will show more details of the album…please go and check it out.

I used DCWV papers for the album, and I love how it turned out.

Stay crafty, my friends!