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Jackie and Michelle


Wednesday, August 30, 2017

"Memories" File Folder Album, Part 3

 Welcome to the last post on my "Memories" File Folder Album!!!  This post is going to show you how it looks all decorated up!  I love how it turned out, and I hope you do too.  There are a lot of pictures...and at the bottom of the post I will show you embellishments I made with scraps and leftovers.

 I used my We R Memory Keepers tab punch to create the photo mats.  The horizontal ones started out as card stock measuring 6 1/4" x 5", and the vertical ones were 7" x 4 1/4".  I made the tops of the tabs by punching paper into tabs just a little smaller.  Super easy!
 I just added photo mats, created embellishment clusters and added them to the book, I tucked cards and tags in pockets.

 The pockets of the folders are perfect for larger photo opportunities.
 I made file folder shaped inserts for these pockets, and embellished them with scraps that I had left over.

 This was FUN FUN FUN to decorate.  Some of the embellishments are only attached on one side so I can slip in other pictures, like in the above picture with the frame on the pocket.
 So much fun stuff!

 I was totally into making cluster embellishments.  With all of the goodies that I collected from all of these collections, I had a ton to work with.

 I created some of the tags from leftover card stock.

 I created a file folder pocket here.
 Large decorated tag...
 This is the back of the album.  So much fun stuff.

 This is a picture of some of the embellishments used on these pages.
 Here are some more.  I also utilized my collection of punches.
 I had this left over from the packaging of some of the stuff I used...
...This is what I made with them!  Always keep scraps...you never know what you can come up with!

I hope you enjoyed this series.  I know I did!

Here is a list of the supplies other than the Basic Grey collection that I used:

Other papers:  Card stock by Coredination's
                        Patterned papers by Crate Paper, "Portrait", "DIY Shop", and "Emma's Shoppe"
                        Tags:  Bo Bunny

Journaling cards by Lilly Bee
Distress Ink by Tim Holtz
Twine by Little B

Have a crafty Day!!!


Saturday, August 26, 2017

"Moments" File Folder Album, Part 2

 Welcome to part 2 of my Moments album.  I wanted to show you the "bare bones" of the album.  Next week I'll show you pictures of it all embellished!
 I did a standard chipboard cover for the album.  It is large!  There are a ton of places to put things!
 I used an old line of products by Basic Grey..."Fact and Fiction", "Clippings", "Capture", "Hey You", and "Hello".  I tried to use just these products exclusively.
 The cover on the left and the first folder on the right.
 I covered the file folders completely, cutting around the tabs and natural finger pull spots on the folders.
 On the right it shows the long pocket made with the first folder to attach it to the second.
 This album was fun to put together.  As you can see, I also used distress ink on everything as well.

 These are the pages I created just by adding paper to the folder flaps...
 ...and the last piece that I left as a pocket.

 Here are pages made...
And the last piece that was flipped to the back of the last file folder.

I sure hope this makes sense!  It was a lot of just sitting there and experimenting.  I didn't really plan this out, it just happened.  I love it.

Next time we get to see it all decorated!


Wednesday, August 23, 2017

"Moments" File Folder Album, Part 1

Hi, and Happy Wednesday!  Today I would like to start a three part series on my new album.  I have actually been working on this for a long long time.  I started designing it, then didn't like it, put it away, drug it back out, redesigned it, and here it is.  I sure hope you like it.

Today I'll share my pictures and notes on how I made it.  Saturday the post will show you my finished product.  Then next Wednesday I will show you some awesome goodies I made with the leftovers.

This is another long post, so sit back and relax.  Have fun, and please let me know what you think!

 I used several of these folders, 4 to be exact.  They are put together so that you can have pockets.  That in and of itself is a cool way to start an album, but I, of course, had to take it to the extreme.
 This is the first folder.  I detached the inside divider...
 ...like so, then flipped the whole thing over...
 ...like so...
 ...then flipped the dividers up.  They are now on the outside of the back of the file folder. This now becomes the inside of the first folder.  These dividers were on the right side of the folder, now they are on the left.   They are a little wonky, but it is explained on the next picture. On the new right side of the folder, I measured 5 1/4" from the 1/2" gusset (explained below) and used that piece to attach to folder #2, creating a side pocket and adhering the folders together.  I'm sorry, I didn't get a picture of that, but Saturdays post will show all pages.
 I had to do some twisting of the dividers to make them in the proper configuration.
 But then this was the finished product.  I should mention that I used the existing scores down the center of the folders to create 1/2" gussets.  These are what attached the folders to the spine of my album.
 This just shows the gusset of the album.  I chose 1/2" but you could do it thinner if you wanted.

I didn't do a picture of the second folder.  Please forgive me.  The cut right side of the first folder attaches to the front of the 2nd folder, creating a long side pocket.  I left the rest of the folder as is, creating the gusset (as I did on all folders.)  The pockets I left, creating pockets for my album.
 Folder #3...I cut off the left side at 5 1/4" from the 1/2" gusset, this attaches to the back of folder #2 to create a long pocket.  I used the extra folder pieces for hinges.  I detached the inner flaps of this folder.  See below.
 Everything detached from folder #3.  I rearranged the flaps to create pages and a pocket.
 I decided to use the two top flaps (after reconfiguring) to create pages.  The smallest pocket was reattached to create a pocket on the right side of the page.
 This will be shown in Saturdays post how I made the pages.  It was super simple, I just added patterned paper to the page, going all the way down to the bottom of the album.  The folder acted as a hinge to create the page.
 This is folder #4.  I cut off the left side 6" up from the bottom, taking top of the left side off.  This is what attaches to the back of folder #3.  On the right side, I cut side of the little pocket and flipped it over to the back of the folder creating a pocket on the back of the folder.  I left the 2 flaps on the inside right.
This shows the pocket flipped to the back of the last folder.

After seeing how wide it would be and measuring I just made the cover to fit.  This turned out 3" wide, giving a 1/2" gusset for all pages in front and in back.

Stay tuned for next week...My finished product!