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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Craft Supply Inventory.

OK, so I made an inventory notebook for my craft supplies.  

That's not weird is it?  

I mean, I just got a little tired of not remembering what I had and didn't have.  Buying doubles is fine for some stuff, but not for others, you know what I mean?  

I have been working on this for a couple of months.  I think I have everything in here now.  (Oh, yeah, except for all of my paper stacks and collections).  I think it is awesome.

I just have to remember to use it when making supply needs lists and to take it with me when purchasing certain things.  

Here it is...TAA DAA!

 I made the pages on classic sized papers, because a full size three ring notebook would have been too big to handle in the store.  I wanted to use my ARC disc binding system, but they don't make rings big enough for all of this stuff.  (I have a lot of stuff, but I have been crafting since before I can remember learning how to do it!!!)
 The side tabs are the main categories.  The top sticky notes are the temporary way I am dividing the main categories.  I still have to tweak things.
 The following are just examples of what's in my book.  Not only are some pages an inventory, but also a nice sample of what the product looks like.
 I found a bunch of printables on the Ranger site.  Go check it out!  The link will take you to the page where there are a ton of color sheets and label sheets to print out and use to help organize your stuff.
 A list of my Cricut Cartridges.  I double spaced it so that I have room to add more.
 Pictures of my dies...all divided into categories of company.
 I had some folders that I could not find the names of.  So, I put a sample in the book, I can use it when I shop.
 I also knit and crochet.  I need the information for that also!
 ...and Stamps, OH MY!
 And, you have to have a washi tape collection inventory.
I made the dividers using the tutorial I found by Paper Phenomenon.  It uses the EK Success envelope maker to create the tabs.  I just cut the card stock into pieces that were 8 1/2" x 6", did the punching and cutting, and I had custom dividers for my book.  The video tutorial is here, she shows how to make half sized file folders using this technique.   I also played with the paper size she uses in the video to create her file folders.  If you use a paper that is 8 1/2" by 12" to start with, and score the fold at the 5 3/4" mark from the "bottom" of the file folder, you will get a folder that perfectly holds 8 1/2" x 5 1/2" papers.  If this is confusing, let me know, I'll show you!

What do you think?  (Not about how much stuff I have stashed in every nook and cranny of my craft room!  What do you think about my book?  HAHAHAHA!)

Stay crafty, and ORGANIZED, my friends!


Amanda said...

Thanks for your post, this is such a good idea, I am always going through my craft things and thinking "Is this mine? When did I buy this?"

Linda said...

Thank you so much for posting this... what a wonderful idea. We bought a new home and will be moving in a few weeks, I am moving to a new bigger craft room in the new house and it is a great time for me to do this as I am packing up my craft room to take with me... or maybe when I am unpacking my things in the new house. This will be so useful for me. Your post is much appreciated by me.


Stephenie Daily @ Garden Girl said...

This is a great idea! My aunt and I have been talking about finding a way to keep track of which stamps and punches we have and this is perfect! :)

kimberlyncreations said...

That is fabulous!
Can you come to my house and do that?

Suzy said...

New to your blog, found you on Pinterest. LOL! I have one of these books too for crafting supplies. I have pages dedicated to craft paints, pens, inks, stamped images,fabric, paper samples too. Also have the knitting & crochet hook sizes in my notebook. This book helps me keep track of supplies and avoids double items. I love your blog! Joining now!

Michelle Surette said...

I absolutely love this! I really need to do something like this. Thanks for sharing.

Noel said...

I have a small book with some inventory I take shopping with me that has my distress inks/reinkers/dyusion sprays...etc...but I like how you have your punches and dies in a binder as well as the embossing folders....going to have to make one of these for myself....TFS a great idea! ♥Noel

mom said...

I have wanted/needed to do this for some time.Thanks for your ideas and inspration to do it.....

Rita Cammarata said...

Love the ARC system as well for these types of organization projects. Look at Levenger, they have huge ones, might help with this or another project!

Kelly Davis said...

I absolutely love this!!!

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sharon said...

Great idea. i have done this for my stamps but did not think to take pix of my punches and samples of washi and scissors.

Clarissa Stivers said...

Definitely need this in my life. I've bought doubles and even triples of so many things I didn't need that its borderline impossible to store. Great idea!

Clarissa Stivers said...

Definitely need this in my life. I've bought doubles and even triples of so many things I didn't need that its borderline impossible to store. Great idea!

takestockinventory said...

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Chelle Wilson said...

Thank you for sharing your idea! I've been looking for a way to keep track of what I have to stop myself buying doubles of things (stamps and dies mostly) I think I might use part of your idea for my crafting stash ☺

Gr8Mammy said...

Niiiiiiiice! All I have is an Excel spreadsheet for Tools, Dies, Punches, Embossing Folders, Sets (Stamp and Die, Die and Emboss, etc). I include the basic size, colors (if punches), the date, where purchased, how much I paid, item number, item name, brand/designer and where I hope it stays stored. I keep it sorted by item name so I can look up, "butterfly", for example, and see what I have. Cannot keep a list of stamps, too scary to even
think of.

Elizabeth Obstarczyk said...

I inventoried my stamps. In a 6x6 3ring binder. I numbered them, stamped each on a page and made a list of each stamp set. I'd say I have at least 99% of them stamped and numbered. your idea of the punches is good too. But i'm having an issue inventoring my thinlets and dies. If you have any suggestions, let me know.

C Moeller said...

A great alternative to a physical catalog is the Airtable application. I’ve already cataloged all of my sewing patterns. The app is very easy to use and lets you add and customize different fields to capture all kinds of information about each item (brand, pattern name/number, pictures, barcodes, categories, fabric/notions needed). You can even add toggle switches to indicate if you used the pattern/item (true/false logic). I’m currently building another database/catalog for my other crafts. Best thing, it all fits on my phone which I always have with me.

Teresa Price said...

Such a clever idea and brilliantly executed :)
Thanks for sharing your talents :)

Marcia Brown said...

I love this idea. Is there a way to use the envelope maker to make file to make regular sized file folders or tab dividers from 12 X 12 cardstock?

Misschameleon said...

This is the best. Better still if you start it when your just starting up. I wouldn't be any where without it.