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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Arc Planner Sticky Note Idea and Pages

Yet another Arc notebook planner post!  I really love this planner!

I came up with a page using sticky notes to create blocks for my "to do" lists.

I took a piece of paper, and using 1/2" borders to accommodate the punch, just started placing sticky notes in a random fashion.  I was going for blocks that I could categorize my to do's in.

Then I made copies and cut and punched the pages.

And this is what I have for next weeks pages!  I always use my weekly calendar on the right, and the left is the page for my to do's and lists and such.  I think it is kind of fun.

Here are the last two weeks of pages for your viewing pleasure.

I found this idea on Pinterest...a mini calendar to have on your pages so that at a glance you can see the whole month.  I thought if I wrote it quickly on a sticky note, it would serve the same purpose!  I love it!  It helps me with my planning!

Here is the other side, August.  It took just a couple of minutes to do, and it is awesome!

Stay Crafty, and Organized, My Friends!

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Helen A said...

I have such a problem making my colours match or blend.. some projects can turn out quite ugly , then I have to figure ways to recycle without wasting alot of the stamping work..