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Jackie and Michelle


Wednesday, June 4, 2014

ARC May Pages to Share

I just thought that you would like to see what I did with my decorations on last month's weekly planner pages.  I do love this ARC planner, and I am having fun with the decorating!
I used stickers by Simple Stories and some Washi tape on this page.  The flag came out of a Basic Gray  mini scrapbook.
 I discovered skinny washi tape for this page.  I also used some Simple Stories stickers.
 Simple Stories seems to be a theme…this page is also decorated with their stuff.
 This is a COOL page!  I was playing around with my Silhouette Cameo machine, learning to make stickers.  I created all of these, and they cut out PERFECTLY!!!  I just did random shapes, learning how to make them, use fills, etc.  I had fun!
 This page was just random stuff, with, again, Simple Stories stickers.  I had a hard time with inspiration on this one.  Maybe next week.  Sometimes you get ideas, sometimes you don't. The next weeks page is already way cuter than this one!  HAHAHA!

Stay crafty, and organized my friends!!!


Linda said...

I am loving all these yummy decorated pages, especially the stickers you made. Question: I noticed that your weekly pages have Sunday, Wednesday and Saturday with larger spaces to write in. Are they pre-made pages or did you redo them? I would like to have Saturdays and Sundays larger in my planner, but haven't found any pages made like that. Thanks for sharing...Linda E.

Linda said...
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A Creative Operation said...

Hi Linda! Thanks for coming by. I made my own pages for my planner, as I have every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday off. I wanted more room to write things on those days and needed less on the other days. I just created a document in my own publisher program and I print them as needed. I hope that answers your questions.

Brenda Walden-Fain said...

Love your pages, where do you obtain the neat curved arrows. Are they stickers?

A Creative Operation said...

Hi Brenda, I am so sorry, I don't know how I missed your question. Yes, the arrows are stickers. I believe that they are by Simply Stories. They have great sticker packs with all kinds of themes. Thanks for coming to check out the blog!