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Saturday, March 21, 2015

A Pretty Folder

I was in the hospital not too long ago.  There are a lot of papers you have to keep sorted when that happens.  So, I decided to get organized.  I had this folder in my stash, and decided to use it.  But, the problem was that it wasn't pretty enough.  I can fix that.
I covered all sides of the folder, but had to make a template so that I could punch holes in the papers for the document tines.  I covered the whole folder (pictures to follow), and decided to add pocket pages.
 I measured the page, and cut a piece of paper that size, plus 1" more on the side to create a hinge to attach the pocket page to the folder.  I then cut and added a pocket to the page.  There is another pocket on the other side of this page as well.
This is a picture of the hinge.  I punched the edge after I added score tape to it, so that the design will stick to the folder properly.  I made two of these pocket pages for my folder.
 Then I made a page with pockets on the long side.  It is super simple.  Measure two pieces of paper, with enough off of the side to fold over and create a pocket.  I adhered the papers to each other, then folded over the overlapping part  to create the pocket.
 Side one...
Flip it over, side two.  I attached another strip to this pocket page to adhere it to the folder…but I did it so that it created more pockets.  In the following pictures, you will see this.

The following pictures are the entire folder, all finished.
 The cover.
 Page one with the document tines and the pocket page I created.
 The back of the pocket page, and another folder page with the tines.
 The back of the folder page, and the long pocket page I created.  I added a leftover piece of paper from covering the folder, it attaches to the left side of the folder, and to the pocket page, I attached it with some stripes of glue to create business card pockets (denoted by the white cards) Papers can go in the pocket, and I can store business cards.
 This is the back of that pocket page.  I used strips of paper the width of the page, folded in half, and added to the top and the bottom of the pocket page…this is how I closed the pockets.
 My other pocket page.

The back of the folder.

I hope you enjoyed this little kind-a-sort-a tutorial.  It works great to organize all of the papers I am having to deal with.

Stay crafty, my friends!

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Annie said...

I'm sorry to hear you've been in the hospital and I hope all turns out fine and healthy for you in the end. Your folder is amazing! What a joy to keep organized with that beauty. It's rather scary to think there is that much paper work for a hospital stay.