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Monday, September 13, 2010

Mini Book Experiment, Take 1

 Pull Out Accordion Album

I was inspired by the post I found here on Obstinate Pursuit.  I thought it was an awesome book.  But, since I am liking to make my mini books with embellishments that make my books thicker, I decided to tweak the design just a little.  I came up with this book.
I adjusted the measurements and came up with a spine that would  allow for some expansion of the pages.  The papers are K and Co.  I used some bling from Reflections.  I don't know where the red and brown flowers are from, but the center I made myself using my Cricut.
The closure is the velcro closure I used on my mini cookbooks.  I just put the other piece of velcro on the front cover since I didn't have two ribbons to close this book.
This is the open book.  On the left, I created a pocket, and added tags.  On the right, the accordion part of the book.
The accordion opened.  The square piece with the green ribbon closure is a paper that opens to create an 8"x8" space for more pictures or journaling.  More tags in a pocket in the middle section of the pull out.
This is the back side of the accordion, and the back inside cover. More pockets and tags.  The right paper with the ribbon closure is the technique of the envelope pocket insert that I found on You Tube, but I just used papers instead of envelopes.  No extra pockets, but more extra space.

The whole album measures 4"x5".  It is very cute and very small.  I wonder what would happen if I made it bigger....hummmmmmm.  Take 2 on the way?!


T to the Essa said...

You said you tweaked the measurements but you didn't say what you tweaked them to. Do you remember what the measurements would've been?

A Creative Operation said...

Thanks for looking on our blog! All I did with the tweaking was to add a 1/2" spine to the book, instead of folding it flat, that way I added a little wiggle room to put some embellishments and such in it. Otherwise, it was all the same measurements as done in the post that inspired me. Take care, and stay crafty!!