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Friday, September 17, 2010

Mini Book Experiment, Take 3

  Pull Out Accordion Album

OK.  You saw the little book with the butterflies and the Halloween book.  Here is the way I made this book to create the bigger size used for the Halloween book.  This is the basic book, not including how to create all of the page pockets, or the bonus "pull out" pages.  Hummm, should we do a Take 4?

You will need two pieces of cardstock, 12" x 12".

Take the first, cut into two 6" strips.  Take one strip, and score at 5 3/4" and at 6 1/4".  This is the cover of the book, with a 1/2" spine.

Take the second strip and cut off 2 1/2", then cut off 1" of  this piece.  Score the 1" piece at 1/2".  This is the binding strip that attaches the pages to the book cover and reinforces the spine of the book.  Take the 9 1/2" piece and score at 5".
Take the second piece of cardstock and cut it in 6" strips.

Take the first strip, score at 4 1/2" and 8 1/2".  This gives you a 4 1/2" section, a 4" section and a 3 1/2" section.

Take the next strip, cut it at 6 1/2".  Take this 6 1/2" piece and score it at 3 1/2".  This will give you a 3 1/2" and a 3" section.  Take the piece that s 5 1/2" and set aside for use making tags or pockets later.

Fold the cover piece along the 1/2" spine.  Fold the binding piece.  Adhere the left side of the binding piece to the spine so that the right piece is "free" and towards the back of the book.

Take the next piece of cardstock with the 5" and 4 1/2" sections, and adhere the 5" piece to the right side of the binding piece.  I did it so the binding piece was behind the 5" piece.  I showed the top view to try and get you a clear picture of what was going on.
 This shows how the next pieces will be adhered together.  Take the cardstock that has the 4 1/2", 4" and 3 1/2" sections, match the 4 1/2" sections and adhere these together.  I only adhered the sides and bottoms, leaving the top open to create a pocket to put more tags.

Match the 3 1/2" sections and repeat.  Your accordion is complete!
This picture shows it all adhered with the tops of the attached pieces open so that you could place tags.
All folded up, this is the inside of the book, front cover open.
This is the front of the accordion opened.
This is the back of the accordion opened.

Now decorate to your hearts content and have fun!!!!!!!!!!


Emily Leiphart said...

Thanks for this fabulous tutorial! I will let you know when I attempt to make one of these!

Lalia Harris said...

This is genius! I love how you created tag pockets when you overlapped papers to "extend" the album. I've never seen this before and I LOVE it!

Rhonda said...

Would love to see take 4 if you did one. Just starting my very first album and am reading up on as much as can along with gathering supplies before I start.

akkina van steen said...

Verry nice tutorial thanks

Dianne said...

Thanks for this tutorial. Very easy to follow!

How many actual surfaces are there to decorate etc? I'm looking for an idea for a baby album that isn't over top. I want to have 12 surfaces so that there can be one for each month of the baby's first year. I'm thinking I could make this design work.