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Jackie and Michelle


Friday, March 18, 2011

Paper Bag Flowers

 This is the set up I use when I use spray inks for my projects.  I have a paper grocery sack, I cut out one side, and lay that piece in the bottom for reinforcement.  I lay my stuff in the bottom, and spray without worry that it will get all over other things.  I was going to change out the bottom layer because I didn't want the red inks to bleed on the project I was working on, then an idea hit me.
 Why waste this beautiful paper with layers of lovely sprays and glittery goodness?
 I grabbed my punches and punched out some shapes...
...shaped them and used buttons and bling and TAA DAA!!!  I got some lovely flowers and embellishments for future projects and recycled some stuff at the same time!  I used some of these on my policy envelope album.
Have a crafty day!


Isabel said...

Very cool idea! Thanks for sharing :)

Momma's House said...

Wow really is a good idea, and they turned out nice.

debzdogz said...

They are beautiful! Who'd a thunk????

Glinda said...

Great idea both the way you cut the bag so you wouldn't make a mess and then the flowers that you made from the bag.