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Jackie and Michelle


Monday, April 18, 2011

We Were A Family of 5

In March of this year, I traveled back to my home town in California to spend spring break with my kids.  I wanted to show them the house I grew up in.  I remembered that back in 78' my family put our hands in the cement on the side of the house.  I first knocked on the door to make sure they wouldn't care if we looked  and went over to see if the impressions still remained.  My hand sat under a down spot and wasn't very visible but my two sisters, Mom and Dad still remained.  

 I snapped a few photos as I remembered that moment vividly in 78'

 Many changes have occurred since this.....  

I hid my personal story of my family in this journal spot, one sister going her on way and a father leaving many years ago.  Although this layout didn't come without pain, it felt nice capturing all our hands together again, when we were a family of 5.


Kymberlee said...

Very touching. Thank you for sharing :) {{hugs}}

Sharon said...

What a nice thing to show your kids, thanks for sharing that piece of your life with us!