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Jackie and Michelle


Thursday, September 8, 2011

How I made my mini books

I had a request to show how I made my mini books for my Haunted Medicine Chest...so here it goes.  Happy Thursday Tutorial!
 I made 4 of them for this project, titled "Magic", "Hexes", "Potions", and "Spells".  For this tutorial, I will use some leftovers...
 I cut my "pages" at 1"x 1 1/2", and cut enough for a 1/4" spine, in this case, it required 20 pages.  I cut a cardstock piece as shown.  I used a gold pen, and quick dry glue.
 I scored the cover paper as shown...
 I wrote my title on the spine, then added lines to look like the spine of a real book.
 Fold your cardstock, and apply a generous amount of the wet glue to the inside spine.
 Gather your pages neatly, and center into the inside of the spine on the glue.
 Fold the covers over...
Clamp until dry.  Done.  You can make these any size you like, I just cut the cover so that when folded there was about 1/8" of cardstock extending over the pages...and make sure you measure for the spine!

Thanks for asking me to show how I did it, now I have another book to tuck into this project!

Have fun, and stay scary!


genagirl said...

THANK YOU! Great instructions, it looks easy once someone shows you how to do it!!! Thanks again!

A Creative Operation said...

You are welcome!!!

Audrey Frelx said...

Wow, was I gone longer than I thought?!!! I hadn't seen your chest and it's awesome!!! Great job with those cute little mini books too -- I can see why everyone wanted to know how you did them!!!

You guys just do a great job on everything!!! Midas touch?!!! LOL!