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Jackie and Michelle


Saturday, December 22, 2012

2012 December Daily

I bet you thought I wasn't doing one, did you?  Well, I am, and I am actually up to date on it!  Want to see it?  OK, here it is!
 Jackie and I actually got this book and made it last year at the CK convention.  But, since I already had a December Daily book for last year, I saved it for this year.  The paper line is by Simple Stories.  I'm sorry, I don't remember where the book is from.  It came with lined and blank papers, and was wire bound.  It has photo sleeves and pocket pages as well.

 Here's my first page.
 I decided to use my Fuji Instax camera for the pictures for a couple of reasons.  I love it, and it's instant pictures to add to the book!  Some things I did print out, like new recipes I tried, and a couple of pictures that I took with my phone, but MOST of them are the instant pictures.  They aren't always the best quality, but for this project it is PERFECT!

 I made this bread twice, it is sooooooo good.
 I added my own pocket pages here and there by folding a page and adhering it down.  There is a copy of an afghan pattern I made for my Grandson in this one.  I also put the printout of the new wedding rings that Hubbin and I ordered.  It's a long story, but we decided for our 15th anniversary we were finally getting the replacement wedding rings we have needed for 10 years!  Merry Christmas and Happy Anniversary to me!
 Decorations outside our home.  Do you like the gnome, I mean elf in the top left?
 This is Roxie, the German Shepherd that we found.  We did find her Mom and her two boys the next day, they were do happy to get her back for Christmas.
 OK, I had to include this...how many times do we get to have all of the excitement (or hysteria) of the Mayan Calendar being misinterpreted?!
 But wait, there's more...
I won the bet, and my Hubbin owed me $1!  I included it in the book.

So, that's some of my book.  There is a lot of room, I am going to continue it through December, and include New Years day as well.  Are you doing a December Daily?

Stay Crafty, My Friends!!  HO HO HO!

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Helen said...

Great diary Michelle. Thanks for sharing your creations with blogland over this past year. Wishing you and your family a HAPPY CHRISTMAS!