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Saturday, December 29, 2012

A New Planner

It's going to be a new year and I need a new planner!  I had been using the one on the right, made with Graphic 45 papers, for a while, I think 2 years...  I loved it, but it is small and I decided that I needed something a little bigger that I can keep all of my things together in, in ONE PLACE!  One of my goals is to be more organized, and I am hoping that this will help.  I custom designed it.  I made it classic size, and I think it will meet my needs.  I don't have a hugely busy life.  I work a lot.  I don't have kids in the house anymore, so school and after-school stuff is not an issue.  My planner is simple, and does what I need it to do.

I got the ARC binding system from Staples.  So far I love it!  I decided to use up some of my hoarded stash, and this is what I came up with.  I have included a bunch of links that inspired my creation so that you can see them also.

The cover, pockets and dividers were made from seriously heavy duty file folders I bought at New Seasons, by Cavallini and Co.


 I cut the folders and created pockets on both of the covers.  The piece on the right folds out...
 ...Where I put a Post-It pocket on one side and created a pocket on on the other for my coupons.
 Turn the page, I added some other Post-It notes for use later.  And, they match!!
 Turn that page and I am going to use this section for my stuff, ideas, journaling, lists, home stuff, etc.
 I used some left over stickers to make this page.  Once I started listing all of the projects I need to FINISH, I was amazed!  I better get busy!
 I found this list of ways to stay creative on Pinterest, printed it and put it in the book for inspiration.  This section has graph paper that I folded.  I figure I can draw out my plans for projects on the graph paper and...
 ...it opens up to blank paper so that I can write notes, steps, etc.
 Another pocket...turn this page...
 ...and a section of papers for notes about work...my schedule, call schedule, etc.
 I got this idea from a brilliant person!  Beckie at Infarrantly Creative had created a system that I incorporated for my monthly/weekly planner section.  It looks like above when first opened.  When you flip open the left side...
 I have clipped inside a calendar I created from this site, here.  This flip out section also hides some project cards that I made using Rolodex cards I got for super cheap at Tuesday Morning, and a variety of craft tapes in my stash.
 I have my project cards, a year/day reference and my birthday/occasion sheet safely tucked away under this flap.
 I also made a tape page.  I took a piece of graph paper and sandwiched it inside a piece of folded waxed paper.  Then I put on some of my tapes, so that I can have some to use as I need it.
 The tapes come from a variety of sources, I think some are Washi, some are Cavallini and Co., some are Recollections and some are from Smash Book.
 So, the reason that I did the flip page this way is so that when I am looking at my weekly section (on the right) I can flip out the monthly section to see it while I plan.  I use the blank page on the back of the weekly pages (in the middle) to write to do lists, make notes, etc.
 If I don't need to see the monthly calendar, it just tucks away.  I used a piece of file folder to create the page marker.  On the other side of it, not shown, I put some sticky notes made from the same paper line as the file folders.  Here is one of my project cards.  If I have a big project that will span over a couple of weeks, I can just remove it and place it in the next week.  When done, I can just toss it.
 My week pages, you notice are different.  I have almost every weekend off and every Wednesday off. These are the days I can make appointments.  The other four days of the week are work, 10 hours a day with about 2 hours of commute.  I don't get much done during those days.  So...I made the weekly pages so that I had more room for my days off, and less for my working days.
 I also created a little mini page that folds, so I can try to do some menu planning and grocery shopping planning.  I need to get better at that, since I get home so late.  The left side is the back of the previous week page that I will use for notes.
 I found these free printable address pages at SampleWords.  They have tons of free printables.
 Phew, this is long!!  I put another Post-It pocket on this divider page for stamps and stickers.  I had some labels, again by Cavallini and Co., and I also put some slide stickers by Industrial Chic...you never know when you need to embellish something.
 The blog planner is based loosely off of a bunch that I have seen.  I am going to try to plan and stay more organized with my posts. This is the section where I will also keep track of my activities and assignments with the group, Just a Few Friends, headed by Elsa, of Just a Few Designs.
The back cover, is another pocket.  I also took another scrap of a folder and made a pen holder, the rectangle on the far right.

Woo Hoo!!  Done!!  I hope you enjoyed it.  I had a bunch of influences that inspired me when I was creating this book.  Please check out the links and check them out for yourself.

Stay crafty and organized, my friends!!


Lori Jagadish said...

Love this organizer, you put a lot of love in it!! I found your blog through Pinterest while doing a junk journal search!!!!

Brittany Lynch said...

This planner is amazing! I was wondering if you could make a post or a comment explaining how you went about creating it? I have seen the arc journals before but yours is so much better!

Dawn Paoletta said...

Fantastic job! The thing about the ARC system is it is so completely customizable! You can do anything you can imagine!

Kate said...

Really wonderful!! Thinking outside of the box how a journal should be..you definitely did that!! Thank you for sharing your journal :)