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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Arc Disc Binding Strikes Again!

I found this AWESOME, WONDERFUL, GLORIOUS tutorial for FREE on Graphic 45's blog.  Jane Tregenza is a GENIUS, and I love this album, and plan to make my own very soon.

There are 9 parts to this album, and the tutorials are available in PDF form so that you can print them out.  It is a ton  of pages since they are completely detailed and have pictures of EVERYTHING!

So, how does one handle a tutorial printout that big and make it useable for having at your crafting table for reference?  Enter the Arc disc binding system!

 This is the cover of her album, "The Most Important People in my Life".  I printed it out full page, laminated it and punched it with my Arc punch.
 I have the most nifty and funky set of index sticky tabs that I found at The Container Store, and used my white gel pen to write on them.  I think the black tabs look cool with this little organization project.
 Here are the tabs.  They are by Semikolon.  I think they were less than $10.00.  Well worth the price, as there are 50 of each color!
So, with the indexing helping me to find the section I need quickly, and the disc binding system that allows the book to lay flat at all times...I am set to create!

Just another reason to love the Arc system by Staples.  And no, they didn't pay me to say that!  :)

Stay crafty, my friends!

PS:  Off now to try and finish up the "Happy Days" tutorial for you!


Helen said...

Jane's tutorial is terrific and fairly easy to follow. If you visit my blog you can see my finished version, though photos don't do it justice. You'll have lots of fun making it! Helen

Korry said...

This is a brilliant idea !!! I usually put the ones I print in plastic sleeves and then use rings to keep them together. This is much better. I love my ARC system !!! The G45 tutorial is awesome by the way!