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Jackie and Michelle


Saturday, November 23, 2013

Arc Planner Page Storage

 I just wanted to show you all my humble little planner page storage device, otherwise known as a recycled box!
I covered the box with kraft paper, with full intentions of decorating it.  I haven't got around to that yet. Thank goodness there's no deadline for that.  But, maybe I can put it on my to do list.  After I covered the box, I wrapped a ribbon around the lid, and tied it in a simple knot.  I use it as a handle to pick up the box.
 Inside, I created dividers with file folders cut to size, and added tabs for the categories.  As the weeks are done, I just take them out of my planner and keep them in here.  Who knows if I will ever need to look back through them, but if I do, they will be here ready for me.

Stay crafty, my friends!


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