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Sunday, September 7, 2014

A few things in my new craft room I wanted to share

Remember this awesome typewriter that I made using Paper Phenomenons tutorial?  I was using it as a decorative piece in my old house.  I was making the signs for the months and using this to display them.  Well, I'm in my new room now, and I have decided to use it a little differently now. 
 The typewriter sits on my desk now (fitting, don't you think?), and I am using it as a memo paper holder.  I put the papers in it on the top, and I have pens propped up on the side.  It works great, and really is handy to have!  Plus, it looks like it should…a typewriter with paper in it.  I should make some memo papers with some typewriter font on it, that would be cool!
 This is my ribbon storage.  In my old room I could put these rings on the wall behind my door using the Command Hooks.  The texture in my new room is such that they won't stick no matter what I do.  So, I came up with another solution.
 I hung the hooks under my cabinet, then used curtain rods to put the hooks on.  It works great.  I can see all my ribbons, and they are easy to get to and remove from the rod if I need them.

 I did the same thing when hanging my "Create" banner.  I attached the hooks under my shelves.
I kept my Mississippi Mud jug from the old house.  My hubby drank from it while he was building my old craft room.  It sits on my desk still, but now since I have more room, I have a variety of pictures displayed with it.  I think it looks very pretty.

Thats what I wanted to show you today.  I am working on an album for my granddaughter and will get it on this blog soon.  I am also going to do a quick tutorial on how I did the pages for it.  I am slowly getting back into the crafting groove.  (I am getting my free time back!)

Stay crafty, my friends!

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