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Jackie and Michelle


Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Hanging Embellishment Organizer

I was looking at Pinterest, and saw a remarkable and smart way to utilize space.

I have the link if you want to look at it for yourself, here.

This is my version of that organizing system.

I had several large wire mesh panels that you make cube organizers with.  My awesome hubby installed hooks into the wall behind my door and I hung them.  I zip-tied two together for the top organizer, and three for the bottom.  Then, I used book rings to group like items and hung them up.  It is a wonderful way to organize my collection and utilize the wasted space behind a door.

As an added extra for this post, the curtain hanging on my door (as it is glass) is a vintage tablecloth that  I can't use because it doesn't fit my table, but it does fit the door!  It works great! I used Command hooks to hang the curtain rod, since I didn't want to  put holes in my door.

Stay organized, my friends!

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