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Jackie and Michelle


Saturday, May 30, 2015

A DIY Lazy Susan that really works!

 I found this idea on Pinterest.  You can find the video here, on Alejandra's website.  She had a video that showed several organizational ideas.  This one was COOL!  She used two cake pans and marbles to create a simple DIY lazy Susan.  I LOVE IT!  I found these round cake pans, and got the marbles from the craft store.  They are supposed to be used for vases and candle decorations.
You put the marbles in the bottom of one cake pan, then place the second one on top.  Done.  I found these cool little metal buckets and tubs that fit perfectly into the cake pan.  I filled it with some embellishments that I am using for for an upcoming project that you all are going to LOVE!

Stay crafty and organized, my friends!

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