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Saturday, July 11, 2015

My Happy Planner and How I'm Using It

 I decided on a plain cover for my planner, and I decided that the pink disks that came with it weren't going to be big enough, so I changed them for the bigger gold ones.
 I needed a day page turner bookmark, so I used one that was meant for Project Life, cut it down and punched it.  It works great.
 I bought both of the sticky note pages, and put one in the book.
 I added my own sticky notes on the back of this for more options.
I used the stickers that came with the system to label my tabs.  I also covered them with a little laminate paper to toughen them up.
 I had these cute sketch papers and punched a few to put in my book for added note pages.
 This system does not come with contact pages, so I made them.  I love having an address book, and I think it's necessary.  What happens if you lose your phone???  I used the graph paper that comes with the system, put washi tape down the middle to make columns, and added letters to the pages.  Taa Daa!
I made a dashboard for my planner that I saw here, on Life In Print.  I thought it was a great idea, so I did it.  I made a mock up with a file folder, cutting it 9 1/2" tall,  one side 7 1/2" and the other 7".
 I used a hanging file folder that I had because I loved the color...
 Cut it...
And covered the inside with these papers by American Crafts.
 I laminated the whole thing, then punched the sides with my Arc punch.
 I put it behind the current month's weekly pages, and will fold it inside the pages.  You could place it anywhere you want!  The lamination makes a great spot for sticky notes too!
I trimmed one of the shopping lists from the MAMBI system, and clipped it into the dashboard.  Now I have a great spot to keep a list so that I can fill it out and remove it easily when I get to the store!  Sweet!

Stay tuned, there will be more to come.

Stay organized, my friends!


Gerti - Murphy's Mom said...

Hi! I have just discovered your blog and I LOVE all that you are doing! So creative! I am certainly inspired and a tiny bit envious of your ability to stick to it and make such fantastic journals. I will enjoy catching up on your projects. Keep up the great work!

BrandyMae D said...

LOVED THIS POST! I just bought an Arc notebook and have been personalizing it. I got lots of great ideas from your post. THANKS!