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Jackie and Michelle


Sunday, July 26, 2015

The Disneyland Album is DONE!

 This album that I had shown on my previous post is DONE!!  YAY!!  This is a via of what it looks like with all of my pictures and memorabilia in it.  I was afraid of this…it was soooo thick when I put the papers in it.
 The covers are doubled chipboard, so putting eyelets in it and using ribbons to close it won't work.
 I decided to just tie a ribbon around the whole thing, and it slips on and off easily, but also closes the book and makes it more manageable for the bookshelf.
I do so love how this album came out.  I think that next time I make it I will make all of the base pages out of double sided patterned paper, so that I don't have to mat everything.  This will decrease the bulk of the book.  Overall I love this project and how it all turned out.

I have another project in the works.  I am finally finishing the folio project and will have that ready very soon.

Take care, thanks for looking, and have a very crafty day!!

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