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Jackie and Michelle


Monday, February 15, 2016

Happy New Year, Valentine's and President's Day!

Wowsers, I sure have been absent…but I am going to be back.  I have finally emerged from my crafty funk and I am working on a few projects.  This one I will share with you is one I finished today…I am kinda excited about it.

We had a Keurig.  Sadly, it went to the instant coffee maker in the sky, and now I have these drawers left.  What to do with them?  They are just strips of metal used to hold the cups, and it's pretty hard to store things in these drawers with no floors.  So, I decided to create some.
 I measured my spaces, and they are 1 3/4" square, with 1/4" strips between.  I used very heavy card stock, and made the drawers, and created ends to cover them.  Then I just attached them together.
The outside bars are round, so I created a card stock square tube to attach the drawer to itself around it, securing it.  Nothing is glued onto the actual drawer itself, it is removable if I decide to turn it back into a K cup holder.
Here is a picture of the whole thing put together, ready to slide into the spaces.
And here it is inside the drawers.  I put it on my desk, it will be a perfect place to sort my numerous pens that I just can't do without.  I had two drawers, so I have even more space to sort my pens!

Thanks for looking, so sorry for the delay in creating posts.  I will be more in touch, I promise, now that the heavy veil of crafty gloom is gone!!

Stay crafty, my friends!

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