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Saturday, May 21, 2016

A New Planner Layout for my Happy Planner

Hello, everyone!  

I know that I said I wasn't going to do any planner page decoration posts (otherwise known as the "my week" style posts), but I didn't say I wasn't going to show new additions or remodels of my planner!

Well, here it is.  I decided to try a new layout, again.  I don't know what inspired me to redo my layout that I usually use, but I decided to try another way to layout my week.
I am trying to get all of the information on one sheet.  I am trying to use a cleaning schedule and my task list is a must.  I came up with a two page layout.  I am also trying to use a version of the vertical layout.  I placed my days on top, one week on two pages.  I am adding a place to write the hours I work (the days I work don't change, but the hours can), and I also want to keep track/plan meals.  
On the next page I have a place for the weekly chores (my version of the Zone Cleaning schedule idea), and I made a spot for some quick blog planning.

If you want to see my old layout...please check out this post.

I started using my new layout this week.  So far I love that the work hours, meals, and appointments on specific days are in one spot.  Before, they were in different places...not very efficient.  I also found that most of the time in my old layout, I didn't use the huge spaces that I created for my days off, so the newer and smaller spaces seem to work.

I am not sure that I love the blog space, since I am working on a new blog/craft project notebook that you will be seeing soon.  I also need to revamp the chore space, as I don't have enough room.  For some reason I also decided to change the task layout, matching the vertical type layout, and it is confusing me.  HAHAHA!

I think that I will use it for another week, and maybe make some changes.  If I do, I will surely let you know.

I love the Happy Planner so much that I have made a bunch of books with them.  I am planning a series of posts about what I have done, and how I am trying to organize my life with them.

Until next time, stay crafty and organized my friends!!!

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