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Saturday, June 25, 2016

My Happy Blog and Craft Planner

 This is my attempt at trying to get the blog going again.  I have been LAZY with it.  Well, not so much lazy as mojo-less.  I have been in a funk.  I am trying to get out of it.  As of this writing, I am.  I have some great little projects coming very soon that I think you will like.  I guess I just really needed a break.
 I got a Happy Planner, and I am recreating it to make a blog and craft planner.  On the Month pages I am recording the title of the post, and a brief description of the post on the days I post it.
 There are a lot of blank days.  I am going to try to fix that.
 I am going to try to do a post twice a week, on Wednesday and Saturday...this planner will work great for this.
 On the weekly spread I tried to come up with an idea of what to put down to plan my posts.  Checklists are my friend!  But, when looking at this set up (above) I decided it was way to busy.  I needed to simplify, and it was just too much.
 I decided to use washi tape to put blank paper over the boxes, thus making a page for Wednesday post notes, and for Saturday post notes.
 I wrote out my planner series on the sticky note and put it here.  It is going to move with the weeks so I can be sure to keep track of what I am doing.
This is what it looked like with two pages of notes for two posts.  I highlighted the post date at the top.  It's simple, and just what I wanted.  There is plenty of room to write notes.
 This page might help spark some ideas for the month on new posts I can do.  This page is a work in progress.
 My index tabs behind the monthly tabs.
 My list section has a bunch of stuff, projects to do, project ideas, lists to make, etc.

 I have been working on this for years.  Jackie introduced this to me, and I have the book made, and most of the list filled out.  I just need to take pictures and do the journaling.  Someday, I will get it done!
 This is an album about me, that Jackie and I did at a class at a CK Convention a couple of years ago. Yes, I need to finish this too.

The project section is full of pages of notes and projects, sketches, and ideas.  They are top secret...at least until I post the project!

Then the blog section is full of lists of what I want to do with the blog, post ideas etc.  It's mostly brainstorming.  I have a lot of ideas, I just need to do them (Or I need to find time to do them!)

The last section is my "Craft Group" section.  We haven't been very active lately, as lives have happened and folks are busy, but we actually started working on a swap project, and will be sharing with you all very soon.

The last thing I want to show you is my labels for the spines of the books.
I used the page inserts by Happy Planner, added a plain paper strip to the adhesive, wrote the book title, and taa daa, I have a spine label that I can use to find the book I want from the shelf!

 So, that's it.  I hope you like this book.  I do very much!

Stay crafty and organized, my friends!

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