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Saturday, June 11, 2016

The Happy Planner Recipe Project

 I am in the middle of working on a project.  It's a meal planning project really, but it involves my getting together my favorite of all time recipes together.  And, guess what...the Happy Planner Recipe book is just the ticket to get it done!  Above is the corner of my office where my recipes live.  In the basket, my Happy Planner supplies to make this meal planning/favorite recipes book.
 I started off by writing down some of my favorite meals in a huge brain storming session, then made index pages for them by category.
 I am writing down the recipes in sections of the planner.  You will notice I recreated the index tabs to suit my needs for this book.  I added page numbers.  On the index page I wrote which page the recipe can be found on.  I am not going for alphabetical order for the recipes, I am just focusing on getting them into their sections.
 Just another shot of the book.
 This is my recipe corner of our office.  It is right by the kitchen, so I can keep my collection close, but have so much room to organize them.  I have been collecting recipes since I was a kid...no kidding.  I remember sending away SASE's to food companies and waiting ever so patiently for the mailman to bring me an envelope of recipes!  I used to do it all of the time...now I can search the net and print off oodles of recipes.  Which I do, and you will see the file cabinet to prove it in a few pictures.
 This cupboard is full of recipes that I collected from swaps, and some o my collection of books.  I actually weeded out some of my books when we moved...believe it or not!
 The corner cupboard has a collection of recipe cards that I have on the upper shelves, and more books on the bottom.  I am weeding through these as I am working on this project.  Tastes change, health issues come up and demand different things...it happens.
 Here is the other side o the cupboard, full of more books.  I really have a problem!
 Then, my awesome file cabinets!  I love this part of the office.  The other side of the office is a mirror image of these cupboards and cabinets, by the way...It is an awesome office!
 These files are full of magazine page clippings, printouts, etc.  The top file are recipes made and enjoyed, the bottom is recipes I have collected that I would like to try.

 They are all categorized by type of dish.  Very organized!
 In the second set of file cabinets I have one for collecting magazines, until I go through them and clip the recipes I want.
This one is EMPTY!!!  What should I fill this one with???

Anyway...I have always kept a list of favorite recipes, and where to find them.  I am just using the Happy Planner to get the ultimate favorites in one place.  Also, if I am really good, this small book full of the favorites is portable, and can be taken to the store to use to get the ingredients!  In meal planning, it will serve to help me make a plan for the week.  I think it's going to turn out awesome!

Thanks for looking, and remember to stay crafty, my friends!!!

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Wanda Rohlfing said...

Hi! I'd love to see how your recipe planner is working out for you. I couldn't find the whole recipe planner in my local stores so I picked up the recipe extension kit and am working on building my own planner from extra covers and such. Thanks for sharing all your info. :)