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Saturday, February 25, 2017

Zipper Pocket for your Happy Planner

 I love my Happy Planner.  You may recall a previous post I did on my set up for 2017 with the pocket pages being used as the tabbed dividers?  Well, I have a mini Happy Planner that I keep in my purse for quick on the go stuff.  I put events in the calendar, and I have note pages for lists, etc.  I can't always carry the big planner, so having the "satellite" planner works well.

Anyway...I was at Michael's and they have a huge selection these days of new planner things for their line of planners.  I say these and had to have them as I knew they would work in my Happy Planners.

The small pockets are very cool!  They also have Accessory Packs that contain stickers, a ruler, washi tape, some clips and a cool zipper bag.
 Isn't the tape pretty!?!?  They have four different packs that I saw.  I bought 2 of them.  (But, I'm only showing one).  I have wanted a ruler for my planner, and it fits into the pocket of my planner cover perfectly.
 So, here is what is SO STINKING COOL ABOUT THESE...They are NOT PUNCHED!!!  I guess they figured that you would want to punch the pockets however you wanted to punch them!!! (Or even not punch them at all!)

I was just so happy when I saw this!!!  I raced home and tried it, and it WORKED!
 The zipper pocket fits PERFECTLY into my mini Happy Planner!!!  Can you believe it???

I bought two of the accessory packs, so I made one for my big planner as well.  This is a discovery that is just too cool to keep to myself!!!  I put stamps and address labels and paper clips in this.  Ohhhh the giddy giddy giddiness!!!

Happy Planning!!


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