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Saturday, March 25, 2017

My Happy Planner Haul and a Sticky Note Book!

 I wasn't sure if the new items that were coming out were going to come to my areas stores, so I decided to order directly from the Happy Planner store.  I got my package and I do love it!
 Look at all of the loveliness that I got!
 They have new sticky notes...
 ...new stickers...
 ...new page dashboard/dividers and long sticky notes and mini pages...
 ...and a new sticker storage book.  People have been making them, so Happy Planner has decided to make one of their own.  I loved it, but I didn't use it for stickers!
 Isn't it cute?  It is perfect for storage for stickers (obviously) but also for sticky notes.  I have collected quite a bit of them, now I can find them easily.
 I had mini notes that were on plastic pieces that were punched.  They came with kits I bought.
 I adhered the long sticky notes on a paper, and added it to the book...
 ...same as these sticky page markers/flags.
 These come on pre-punched pages, so I just put them in the book.
I love how this is going to work out...no more trying to find all of my notes, they are all in one place!

How do you organize your sticky notes?

Have a crafty good day!

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