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Saturday, June 10, 2017

Organizing and Recycling!

 This is a short post, but it is a cool idea and I wanted to share...and it shows the banner that I wrote about last week.  I was at Tuesday Morning and they had these Graphic 45 paper rolls.  I totally bought one of each and came home...then realized I wasn't sure where to store them.
I had plastic containers that my laundry pods come in all saved up and waiting for a purpose.  Today was the day.  I carefully cut off the top of the container, and wrapped it with washi tape.  This made a perfect holder for my tubes of paper.

And, if you haven't gone...check out Tuesday Morning.  They get a lot of craft supplies.  It's amazing what I have picked up there for a fraction of the price.  Yes, they have older supplies, but some things never ever go out of style for crafting.

I really  love recycling projects, and I love organization.  This was a win win!

Have a crafty day!!


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