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Jackie and Michelle


Monday, February 14, 2011

Project Life

I recently decided to take on another great project I found.  I am sure the majority of you have heard of Becky Higgin's Project Life.  It is based on Project 365, where you take a photo a day and do bit of journaling with it.  I have tried to do the picture a day thing and found it a little hard to commit to so I changed ming up a bit and started pulling a lot of those photo I have had locked up in my computer for the last 5 years!  Just randomly selecting them and doing a little journaling, what memories I have stirred up! If you would like to learn more and see all of the great product you get, they are back in stock after selling out!  Here is the link 

1 comment:

Schona Kessler Photography said...

Yay I found your blog. Can't wait to get my Project life kit in the mail hopefully next week.

Off to check out more posts. :)