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Jackie and Michelle


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Birthday Smash!

When Jackie and I started our CK Convention Adventure, we had stopped at Fred Meyer's for some supplies...we found that they had Smash Books.  We decided to each get one, as a record book of our trip.  Since it is also around my birthday, I decided to make it my "Birthday Smash!"
 I still need to do some more journaling, and I haven't decided about what else to do with the cover, but here it is.  I used some leftover stickers I had for the title.
 This thing is FULL!  I saved every little bit of whatever we came across.
 Inside the first cover I used a calendar and mapped out the week.  We found the vintage linen tape on our adventure, so I used that.  I love the look...just like an old family scrapbook.
Here is Jackie, driving us to Whole Foods.   I didn't use the knife from my lunch, so I smashed it.  I told you I saved all kinds of bits and pieces.
 Jackie and myself during one of our classes.  Please excuse the flash-glare!
 I made this picture a flap with the tape that K and Co makes for the Smash Books.
 I added the packaging/directions for the Christmas Journal we made.  I also used a pocket to house some pictures we took.
 This is the page that started the rest of my "vacation".  My husband missed me, I got three dozen roses!  I also included my list of things I wanted to do on my final three days off.
 What our view was on my birthday.  The tree was GORGEOUS!
 My BFF, Jackie, sent me this text, and gave me this BEAUTIFUL orchid!
This was taken a couple of days later, the same gorgeous tree, all bare!  I saved a couple of leaves and laminated them and added it to the book.

There you have it.  Just a few highlights from my book.  I also added all of my birthday cards, pictures of presents, everything.  I loved making this!


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Justine said...

I love your smash book! I have a couple of the smash embellishments but I'm waiting for my local scrapstore to get the actual albums in! ...can't wait, looks like such a fun project!!