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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Journal Page Tutorial

I was shopping at my local grocery store and realized that I had forgotten my reusable grocery bags.  I asked for paper bags, since the plastic ones are so bad for the environment and the paper ones have a bazillion uses.  Then, I got a recycling idea...
 I cut the bags up into manageable sizes, these are 5"x7". Since they all had the store logo on the outside.
I arranged them so that the wording would be on the "inside", and then applied a little double sided tape from my ATG to the middle of the papers, making a kind of sandwich out of two of the pieces.  I left the borders of about 1" without tape.  I just wanted enough in the centers to hold them together.

 Then I took my sewing machine and sewed the edges at about 1/8" with a straight stitch.  You could totally use any fun stitch and color of thread you wanted.  This is why I didn't want the double sided tape too close to the edges, so the needle wouldn't get all gummed up.
 This is my stack of papers.  I used 4 bags, and got enough to make 16 pages.
 I tied the thread together on each side and cut the strings off.
Taaaa daaa!  I have 16 journal pages, 5"x7" in size, double thickness so they are durable.  Now my head is swimming with ideas on what to use them for.  Should they go into another junk journal?  What about a cool birthday book?  I could make it into a recipe book or a photo album.  I have to think on this one.   I could distress them, paint them, draw on them, whatever I wanted.

What would you make with these?  Please let me know what you think!

I have used paper bags in the past for another cool project...check out this tutorial with a PDF for brown paper bag recipe cards...its awesome!

Stay crafty!

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