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Sunday, April 7, 2013

ARC Disc Planner Update and a COOL TRICK!

This post is to "update" you on what my planner is doing lately, and at the end of the post is a cool trick I found by happenstance and I wanted to share!!!

 You may remember my planner that I created, here on this post.   I made a few adjustments to it.  I decided not to use the Franklin Covey bag I was using for it, as it was way too heavy and couldn't hold all of the stuff I wanted to put in it.  So, I found this cool little satchel at Target, and it totally fit the bill!
 I also got the "real" cover for my planner.  The one I made was very cool, but the paper wasn't holding up to the "wear and tear."  I really like this cover, it totally is durable and  holds all my stuff in!
 Inside my bag are my goodies.  Planner, post it notes, note cards, stickers, a variety of pens, some Smash Scissors, score tape, etc.  All of the necessities I need to take this with me and work on it.
 These are just a few of my pages.  This one was a free-for-all.  I really didn't have a theme.
St. Patrick's day was coming, and while at Hallmark I saw these stickers, and this week was born.
 I love this list that I found at Michaels.  On the left side I attached it with "washi" tape so that it opened and I could use the back side to write on as well.
This one was another kind of "free-for-all".  No real plan, although I did like how the right side turned out.
 I am diggin' this layout.  I have used the "Stuff. Things" a lot lately.  I love that "phrase" if you will.  It is a quote that  came from "The Walking Dead."  Rick likes that saying.  He's doing stuff...things...and so am I.
 This is the current week, and I am doing it primarily in black, red and white.
 HERE'S THE FUN PART!!!  I had this Rolodex punch and thought to myself, "Self, I wonder if it would work in this book?"  IT DOES!!!!!!!!!!!!
I punched this tag to enter it into the book and it FITS PERFECTLY!!!!!!!!  I put the punch in my bag, now I can add anything I want into my book!!!  WOO HOO!!!!

That's it for now, I hope you liked this post.  I love my planner and am using it all of the time.  It is really helping me get things together.

Stay Crafty, My Friends!!!


Country Mouse said...

HI there....I just got an ARC planner in PINK from a woman on FB. She included lots of fun inserts. BUT I didn't have the specialty punch, but like you..I remembered I had a rolodex punch! I tried it and it worked!!! I haven't moved into my planner yet, but I'm really looking forward to it! :)

Jessica Johnson said...

Is the rolodex punch the same EXACT hole or similar?

A Creative Operation said...

Hi Jessica. The rolodex punch is similar, it is more flattened than rounded at the top, but it fits perfectly on the discs. Thanks for stopping by! Happy Crafting!