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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Craft Room Update

I have been working on my craft room and tweaking it as I go.  I LOVE having my room to do whatever crafty idea comes into my head.  I also like keeping it as pretty as I can.  So...whilst at our local Lowe's store, I had an idea.

 This was how my work table looked as you enter my room.  You walk around this to my other desk where my laptop lives.  I love these baskets (Clearance at Fred Meyers), the wire and the fabric lining are beautiful, but below my desk looked sort of messy.  I have filled these baskets with lots of stuff to do.
 This is the view from my desk.  I'm sitting between my work table and my desk, and here is some of my paper organization.  It is organized, and I can find things super fast.  This long table (as I call it) is a nice place to put projects in the works, also, it holds my Cricut and all of my Cricut stuff when I need it.  I also have lots of other toys here.  Again, organized, but not too pretty.

So...at Lowe's I got an idea, and here is what I did with it.

 It is hard to see, but I used some Command hooks on the side table here, and hung a cafe curtain rod.  At Lowe's, I say this curtain panel, and thought it fit with my color scheme in my room.  So, I bought it, and got out my trusty Pfaff, and made some "desk curtains".

Now, when you come into my room, this is what you see!!!  It is so much prettier, it hides my stash a little better, AND it is sort of protecting my stuff from dust and dogs!  It also created a small hiding place for the birthday decorations I bought for my Husband!!  (Tee Hee!)  The curtain rods just hang in the hooks and are easy to move and take down to get stuff I need out of there.  I think it looks much prettier!  The whole project took about 1 hour, and cost me about $30.  One panel did the entire job, with a bit left over...I think I will make a couple of pillows for my chair, because the fabric is pretty heavy duty!

I love my room, did I mention that??

Stay Crafty, my friends!

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S said...

Oh how nice to tuck the clutter behind some pretty curtains. I was recently surprised at how big a selection Lowe's has of curtains. I found a valance there for my craft studio in a similar pattern only black.