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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Arc Planner Pages, January and February

Here they are, my last two months of Arc Planner page goodness.
I had cooling on the brain here.  
 I do the weekly themes based on my mood the day I am decorating. 
 I love the air mail theme on this one.
 This was a page where I just wanted color everywhere.  Do you see my menu plan notes?  I decided to just list what I have to work with for the week, then cross it off when I make it.  If I assign dinners to a particular day, inevitably it gets all messed up.  This is cleaner and neater to me.
 This page was made with my magazine washi tapes.  Cool, huh?
 Can you guess which week this was?  
 This page was fun!  Using my distress inks and my stencils, I just went to town!
 I was trying to cheer myself up with this one!
  Thanks for looking, and stay organized, my friends!


Amanda said...

Those are so pretty! I wish I wasn't so lazy so my schedule pages looked a little more like yours! :D

A Creative Operation said...

Thank you, Amanda!

Linda said...

Your planner looks great. I have an ARC too, and I'm wondering, did you create your own design of the actual planner pages before you decorated them or did you buy them? I haven't seen planner pages in that type of layout, and I like it. If you bought them, can tell me where? Thanks. Linda E.

A Creative Operation said...

Linda, thanks for coming by. I created my own planner page. I did it this way because I have Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays off, so I wanted bigger squares for them. I just used my Pages program on my Mac and made two 8 1/2" x 5 1/2" templates, then print and cut down the middle. The back of these weekly pages become my notes pages. I hope that helps you. Good luck, and thanks again!!

Bonnie Brown said...

Just decided to go back to a paper planner... iphone is great but need more organization. Purchased a cheaper daytimer at walmart and man do I wish I hadn't! I'm loving the looks of the ARC system! I'm seriously thinking of ditching the other planner and creating an ARC one! Question. What do the letters stand for in your checklist on the weekly pages?

A Creative Operation said...

Hi Bonnie, thanks for coming to the blog. I am glad that you are enjoying what I am doing with my planner pages…I am having fun keeping organized with them. You wanted to know about the letters in my checklist…they stand for:
E: Exercise (Goal is 2-3 times a week)
M/V: Meds and Vitamins (I recently had to start taking BP medication, so I am trying to get into a routine) Goal is everyday
J: Journaling (Goal is every day)
BP: Blood pressure check (Goal is every day)
$: Weekly savings plan (Once a week)
Have a great day, and thanks again for coming by!

Bonnie Brown said...

I have another question for you :)
Did you make your own planner pages? or did you get them somewhere?

A Creative Operation said...

Hi Bonnie! I did make my own, since my work schedule is M, T, Th, F. I wanted my day off blocks to be bigger since that was when I was most likely to make appointments and such. Thanks for asking!