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Saturday, January 17, 2015

My Craft Room is Evolving!

 I just wanted to share some changes I made in my craft room.  This corner got an addition of the cubed organizer that I found at Michael's on clearance.  I love it because it has doors, so it looks "finished".  The only drawback is that it isn't very sturdy, so very heavy things can't go in it.  But, for some extra storage it works great.  Right now I only have some embroidery floss in it…more will be coming.
 Here is a picture of that corner of the room.  The drawers on the left hold all of my punches, with my binding stuff on top.  The drawers on the right hold all of my stamps with my die cutting stuff on top.  I had a peg board of Spellbinders by my worktable, but I moved it over to the side of the drawers with my Cuttlebug.  I think it makes more sense to have them together.
My worktable was added onto with another shelving unit from Ikea.  I laid it on its side, and put it beside my desk to add more workspace and more storage.  It works out very nicely!

 I have a sewing table now, also from Ikea.  I love having my machine out all of the time.  I am working on finishing a puff pillow quilt for my son.  You can see it folded up on the table.  I have storage under the table, and used a curtain I made, attached with Command hooks to cover it up.  It looks much nicer!
 This is my new shelving unit I got at a local Fred Meyer.  It is a closet organizer.  I put it at the end of my desk for storage of my planner stuff.  I need one more green drawer though!
 Of course, I had to tweak it a little bit more...
 I used Command hooks and bins to organize my camera, cords, etc.  It is a great spot, and highly accessible while I am working on my computer.
This is where my dies used to hang, but now I use the space for my blades and accessories for my paper trimmers.  It made more sense!

That's my new organization for now.

Thanks for coming by, and remember to stay crafty!!!


Helen said...

Looks like a fabulous craft room. I'm hoping to make-over a room which is currently a bit non-functional as I would love a designated crafting space instead of the dining table.

Susie Murray said...

I like the storage shelf unit turned on its side in your sewing area and the unit added at the end of the desk. Great ways to use the space.