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Jackie and Michelle


Saturday, January 10, 2015

A pretty new desk blotter idea

This is my desktop.  It's organized, but it is kind of a mess.  My desk blotter needs help, and that is what this post is about.  But first...
 I just wanted to show you my desk corner.  Along with some of my favorite pictures of my family…I have Daryl Dixon.  Santa was nice enough to put him in my stocking this year.  Yay me!  But, I digress...
 This is my blotter.  It is a giant gridded notepad.  I love the idea of having a space to jot things down when I don't know if they belong in my planner, or I don't know where they belong yet.  But then there are sticky notes on it.  I colored some stickers so I have some residual of that on there…not too pretty.  I had an idea.
 I got out my washi tape and went to work making my paper pretty.  I decided to make boxes, in case I need to categorize my little notes.  I think this is funny, really, because this blotter is for quick notes, and here I am, with my planner OCD, and I want to make it organized.  LOL!
After I did that, I found these ladybug stickers and decided to use them up.  Now my blotter is gorgeous!

Thanks for looking.

Stay crafty, and organized, my friends!


Linda said...

Love the blotter. Where did you get something like this??? Linda E.

Helen said...

Very pretty, I must say! I might try that to organise myself too - thanks for sharing your idea :-)