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Jackie and Michelle


Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Everyday Captured Folio Under Construction

Hello everybody…welcome to my album in progress.  I am literally designing this album as I go.  I have no plans, and I have no idea how this is going to turn out.  I am making this on the fly.  Talk about creative license!  I am naming this the "Everyday Captured Folio". (That is what I am going to title my album).   I sure hope you like it.  I took pictures as I went, and will explain what I did and how I did it.  As always, if you have any questions, please please please let me know.

 This shows the left flap of the album.  I simply covered it with paper.  I used the Teresa Collins paper line "Stationary Noted".  I think it is perfect for this project.  I am not inking my papers, you totally could if you wanted to.  Also, since this album doesn't have a great deal of wiggle room, I am leaving my embellishments flat, meaning that they will all be made of paper and stickers.
 I had a set of envelopes from SEI that I am using for this project as well.  I attached them to the inside of the left flap overlapping each other.  Two on the top and bottom, and one on each side.  I attached them with pieces of the kraft cards that I pulled from this project (for the side envelopes), and for the top and bottom envelopes, I used the flaps to attach them.
 The top envelope pocket opens to the "outside" of the page, the bottom opens to the "inside".
 This shows all envelopes attached and opened.  Then I covered the inside flap with a large piece of patterned paper.
 The following pictures show the papers and embellishments I used to cover the pieces.  I added magnets to the side envelopes before covering them with patterned paper to provide a closure so that the envelopes wouldn't flop around when you open the book.

 This is the smaller flap on the right side of the piece.  I cut down one of the envelopes to fit, and then used the pieces to attach it to the flap.  I also added magnets to keep this envelope closed as well.

 I put some tags in here for now.  I don't know if they will stay here or move around…decisions, decisions.
 The flaps covered with papers.

Well, that is the first round of pictures.  Stay tuned for more on this album.  

Stay crafty, my friends!


  1. I love it creative lady thank you for inspiring me.

  2. I just read that you are OR nurses, I’m am a surgical tech. Yippee