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Saturday, August 29, 2015

A Purse Planner Project

 I have been using the Create 365 Happy Planner.  I love it.   I have loved disk bound planners for a long time, and have been using the ARC planner, BUT this one is very cool!  I am glad that I decided to make the switch.   I am still not a huge fan of the vertical day set up, so I am using my own pages, but I love the calendar and the size and the colors,  it's fun!  I also love that the paper is so thick and wonderful to write on.  It is a joy to use this system.  I can't wait to see what other things they will add to this line.

I am planning on using the vertical pages for something else…Stay tuned...
 I needed a notebook/take with me planner for my purse.  But, quite frankly, once I get my whole "brain" and such into my planner, I don't want to lug it with me every day, it is very full.  So, I decided to create a "mini" or "skinny" take-with-me notebook that would be easy to stick in my purse.  I used some small Levenger disks for this project, since I want it to be skinny.  I used covers from the planner collection, the pocket page, and papers.
 I had to cut 1/8" off of all of the covers and pages, since the punched "holes" are deep, too deep for the very small disks I wanted to use.  However, it works great.  I added paper for notes and lists.  I wanted a pocket to keep loose bits.  My coupons will fit perfectly into the pocket...
The idea is that if I have a particularly busy week, I can put the pages from the main planner into this planner and take it with me.  If I am shopping, I can pull the shopping lists from the main planner and put them into this one and take it with me. The length of the main planner pages won't be a huge issue, since they will be temporary.  If I make a page that needs to be in my main planner, the page will fit just fine.  So far, it is working like a charm!!

Stay organized, my friends.

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