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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

"Click" Album, Part 3, the "Double Belly Band Pocket Page"

Let's look at how I made my pages.
 You will need 2 pieces of 12x12" card stock for each page.  I used black, but used white to show you how I cut and made them.  The first piece, above, is cut as shown.
 The second piece is cut as shown above.  There is very little waste in this page assembly.
 First, we have to create the "page pocket".  It becomes a tube, with a folding piece on the front.  The left side of the tube is where you will bind to the Hidden Hinge Plus binding (by Kathy Orta), and this leaves the right open for a large pocket.  In the cutting of the first piece of card stock there is a large piece for a tag page for this pocket.
 The red dashed lines are score lines…all of the score lines for the tabs for attachments are 1/2".  Add your favorite adhesive to the tabs and then add the folded page with the fold to the right as shown, to the tabs.
 This shows the binding side with the page that will open to the right.  The folded page is the front of the pocket page.
 To the front of the folded page, we are going to add two belly bands.  Again, fold the tabs, add the adhesive, and attach as shown below.
 You will end up with a large belly band pocket and a smaller one in front of it.
 The colored card stock is to show you how  the pockets will look.
 Next, take the pocket for the back of the page pocket and two of the hinges made.  Attach the hinges to this piece.  This attaches to the back of the page pocket as seen below.
 The bottom of the pocket is either glued shut, or you can create another hinge (1x6", scored down the middle at 1/2") from some scrap card stock.
 Here is the finished product.  This shows the front of the page assembly, the blue card stock sticking out of the page pocket where the binding will be and the tag page sticking out of the other side.
 The first page opened to the right.
The back of the page pocket.

OK, now I am making 8 of the pages, and covering them with papers and decorating them and I'll be back to show you the finished product.  I am also going to try to make a video to show what it looks like as well.

Stay crafty, my friends.

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