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Saturday, March 5, 2016

Vintage Potholders

 Hi, everyone!  You saw in my last post about my crafty decorating that I had used some vintage potholders in my kitchen as decoration.  Well, since I love to crochet I decided to make some of my own, that I could maybe use. Also, maybe, just maybe, my grandkids will display the ones I had in their kitchens some day.  After I bought all of this thread that will go awesome in my kitchen,  I went searching on Pinterest and found several free patterns.  Have I told you how much I love Pinterest?
 I found this pattern from Little Miss Stitcher.  It is an awesome pattern, but I worried that the open holes in it wouldn't allow me to be able to use it at all.  So, I did some alterations to it for myself.
 I decided to make the dress solid crochet, and I made it in two layers, like a "slip" for the dress.  I did the first row on the front loop, and the "slip" first row on the back loop.  Then I just crocheted both the same way, creating two layers of the "dress", which resulted in four layers of fabric made.  That should insulate it a little better.
Here is the finished dress, I mean potholder.  I used my nifty little cord maker gadget and created a tie for the dress, and here it is.  I love it!  I have a bunch of other vintage patterns that I am going to create with all of that thread I bought.  Even if I don't use them, it will be fun to make them.

Stay crafty, my friends!!!

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