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Jackie and Michelle


Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Celebrating a Marriage!

I created this page to hang in my craft room.  These pictures were taken at my brother and sister-in-law's 20th wedding anniversary!  (And yes, it took me a year to finally get around to doing it.)  Unfortunately we didn't get a picture of them TOGETHER (she is in the left picture and he is in the right) but we got some great pictures of the whole party and we got to share in their amazing celebration.

I really really really wish I could remember who made this kit.  I, like a dummy, didn't write it down. UGH!  But it was super easy to do.  The mat lays over the background paper, giving a dimensional look.  Then I just layered pictures and embellishments and taa daa!

I look at it every day and smile.

Have a wonderful day full of love and fun!


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