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Saturday, August 26, 2017

"Moments" File Folder Album, Part 2

 Welcome to part 2 of my Moments album.  I wanted to show you the "bare bones" of the album.  Next week I'll show you pictures of it all embellished!
 I did a standard chipboard cover for the album.  It is large!  There are a ton of places to put things!
 I used an old line of products by Basic Grey..."Fact and Fiction", "Clippings", "Capture", "Hey You", and "Hello".  I tried to use just these products exclusively.
 The cover on the left and the first folder on the right.
 I covered the file folders completely, cutting around the tabs and natural finger pull spots on the folders.
 On the right it shows the long pocket made with the first folder to attach it to the second.
 This album was fun to put together.  As you can see, I also used distress ink on everything as well.

 These are the pages I created just by adding paper to the folder flaps...
 ...and the last piece that I left as a pocket.

 Here are pages made...
And the last piece that was flipped to the back of the last file folder.

I sure hope this makes sense!  It was a lot of just sitting there and experimenting.  I didn't really plan this out, it just happened.  I love it.

Next time we get to see it all decorated!


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