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Jackie and Michelle


Thursday, June 10, 2010

My son graduated!!!

I saw this on Laura's site, The Paper Trail, and knew that I had to make it for my son, Jake, who graduated this past Monday!  My baby is all grown  up!!  What happened to that cute little bundle of joy?  He's now 18 and a High  School Graduate!  Where does the time go?  Just yesterday I graduated from high school, and from the SAME high school!  How can this be?!?

Ok, enough of that, or I am going to cry again.  I saw this tutorial and I just finished the book today.

The album is made of envelopes, and it accordions.  The envelopes create pockets for tags to be placed.  This is the "front" of the album.  It is a very clever design.
 This is the back of the album.
This is a closeup of the page to show a tag from one of the pockets.  The picture is of my husband, DJ, my son Jake, and myself.  Awwww....

I was lucky, my local scrap store, A Joy Forever, carried all sorts of papers for our local high schools.  I think that is pretty cool.  I need to bug them to make a web site, if they had one I would put a link to it.

Thanks for looking!

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