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Jackie and Michelle


Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A Bootiful Booquet!

 I found the flowers at the dollar store, they have stalks with spiders on them along with the roses.  I picked up three of them.  I dug under my kitchen sink cupboard and found this vase.  I picked some paper and rolled it into the vase.  Hot glue and skeleton hands around the base of the vase (hey, I rhymed!) and VIOLA!  I have a bouquet!
 I am not the best photographer, and I don't have a great camera, but here is the view of the flowers so you can see.  On a couple of the stems I put mini skull heads.  I also put two skeletons-on-a-stick!
I used a sharpie to color a dowel, and hot glued it to his butt (I mean pelvis).    I love it!  I also like that I can change the paper on the inside of the vase to anything I want...so every Halloween I can have a different arrangement, if I want!

Stay Scary, My Friends!

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